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ITEAD Open Source Intelligence Hardware

Manufacturer and solution supplier of open source intelligence hardware/arduino/pcb/raspberry pi

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    ITEAD Hardware Affiliate Program
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    We would love to have you be one of our affiliate in shareasale.com. Our shareasale merchant account is 63930.
    We are also associate with skimlinks/adgoal/digidip/TriMeXa and other media company. if you are one of the affiliate from these platform, please reach us there, if not, feel free to tell us the network you are using.

    We would love to hear your other content solutions as well.

    Here are some basic info about our company:

    Our company, ITEAD INTELLIGENCE SYSTEMS LIMITED was founded in 2011 in Shenzhen, we are focusing on electronic components development and production, with a well reputation about our competitive price and high quality. We have offices in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and San Francisco. So far we have distributors in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, Russia, German, Neverland, Finland, US, and other countries.

    Our main products line including PCB/PCBA services, Nextion Display, Smart home series, we develop and produce these all by ourselves. Beside, We also have competitive price at other regular products like Arduino/Raspberry pi.

    We have several sites:

    Blog.Iteadstudio.com (DIY blog)

    itead.cc (E components)

    store.iteadstudio.com (E components)

    coolkit.cn (smart home)

    Revenue info:

    Monthly traffic in total: 500k

    Conversion rate: 5-8%

    Average order value: $80-$100


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