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Global Portfolio of Over 10 Million Residential IPs

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    Residental IPs
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    from $199/month: 3000 IPs, 500 threads are included, rotating proxy pool
    Payment Types Accepted:
    • Paypal
    • Payoneer
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    Scrape any data online without getting blocked!

    - Wide choice of residential ISPs

    - No bandwidth caps - pay only for a number of concurrent streams

    - Auto-switching backconnect residential IPs to defeat limits and blocks

    - High anonymity

    - Socks5, HTTP, HTTPS

    - White label IP

    - High uptime

    - 24/7 support

    It's this easy to scrape a web page with an Infatica residential proxy!


    Why Choose Infatica?

    - Most flexible plans anywhere. Choose your country, state, region, city, and provider.

    - No bandwidth caps. Pay by the stream. Avale tour budget up or down any time!

    - No lock-in. Come and go as you please. Short job? No problem!