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Self Hosted Tracking & Analytics

  1. iMobiTrax
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    Created for SMARTER marketers, like you.

    Features We Love

    • Self Hosted
    • Safe, Secure
    • Redirect Speed Optimized
    • Landing Page, Direct Link, Path Split Testing
    • Multiple Post Click Redirection Rules
    40+ Granular Tracking Metrics
    • Track Clicks, Timestamps, Conversions, LP’s & Path Times
    • Track Devices, Models, Names, OS, Manufacturers, & More
    • Collect Optins, Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, Zipcodes…
    • Track Countries, Codes, Carriers, ISP’s+More & Redirect Them!
    • Track & Optimize Sites, Placements, Creatives, Ads & More
    • Custom Reporting For Campaigns, Landing Pages & Offer Stats
    More Control, More Money
    • Decipher Mobile Data - Save Time Tracking, Analyzing & Optimizing Carriers, ISP’s, Brands, OS, Devices & More
    • Analyze Critical KPI’s - Optimize LP’s & Paths Based On Views, Clicks, CTR, Leads, Offer CVR, EPC, Profit, ROI & More
    • Avoid Click Fraud - Monitor Bots, Fraud, Ghost Clicks, Etc…& Avoid Being Ripped Off By Ad Networks
    • Monetize Captured Data - Export Data You Collect From iMobiTrax & Monetize Your Users For Maximum Profit
    Get the Best Self-Hosted Tracking Software Today!

    Easy to install, be up and running in 60 minutes or less.
    Bills per month, cancel anytime​


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