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Giant Mobile

CPA, direct advertiser, advertiser, main stream

  1. Denis Stete
    Platform Name:
    CPA, depending on the geo
    Payment Types:
    • Wire
    • Paypal
    [email protected]
    Giant Mobile is an on-line advertiser company located in Spain. Currently we are in a phase of expansion looking for new partners. We have open budget to invest in campaigns that prove to have a high potential.

    We work only with CPA campaigns and we focus on mobile mainstream offers from the following countries: Spain, UK, Romania, Germany, Austria, Mexico, Serbia and Egypt. Our flow methods are: WAP 1/2 clicks and Pin submit, depending on the geo.

    Here are just a few examples of our landing pages:

    Spain: http://p.appk.mobi/es/25/0/default/156/242/30469?cpid=
    UK: http://p.appk.mobi/gb/119/0/default/61/964/34369?cpid=
    Romania: WhatsApp wallpapers:
    Germany: http://signin.applicateka.com/main/index/applicateka/applicateka/61/de/de
    Austria: http://p.appk.mobi/at/95/0/default/46/1162/35225
    Mexico: Club Zeewee
    Serbia: rs plants vs zombies:
    Egypt: http://p.appk.mobi/eg/105/0/default/272/447/34258


    Please, feel free to contact me in case you have any question via email([email protected]) or Skype(denis_4869) ;)