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Funnel Flux

The world's only visual funnel builder and tracker (self-hosted for your campaigns privacy!)

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    I'd like to introduce Funnel Flux to you guys. The best way to do it is to show you how I've used it live, before my subscribers eyes, to create a profitable campaign very easily.

    Before showing you the videos (below), let me quickly tell you why Funnel Flux is the new best Tracking Software in the world. And since an image is worth a thousand words, let's start with this screenshot, showing a funnel built with Funnel Flux:


    The image above shows a simple and fully functional funnel created in less than 10 minutes (including setting up the offer urls).

    In that funnel, the traffic is first being split between 2 optin pages (incoming traffic is represented by the red circle on the top left).

    Once someone optins he is redirected to the first offer wall, on which there are links to 3 offers. There's also a link to a 2nd offer wall.

    On the 2nd offer wall, there's also 3 links to 3 other offers and a link to a 3rd offer wall.

    On that last offer wall, there are links to 4 offers.

    To setup this kind of funnels, you just need to drop your landers/offers in the visual view and connect the nodes together.

    You do NOT even need to place any script on your pages, the funnels are fully functional just by creating them visually in Funnel Flux.

    Now let me tell you a few points that make Funnel Flux the best funnel builder and tracker:

    • It has a visual funnel builder, so you can build multiple pages, multiple paths funnels in a few minutes
    • No need to place any script on any page - exclusive technology!
    • 60+ KPIs automatically tracked for you in addition to your custom tokens
    • Statistics module is much more powerful and flexible than all other trackers as you will see in the videos
    • In addition to regular tabular stats, you also have visual heatmap stats so you can see on your visual funnel diagram, in a few seconds, where you traffic drops off - plus conversion rates heatmaps and others
    • Self hosted but extremely fast (1+ million clicks per day on a $15 VPS) - also works very fast on cheap shared hosting! I'm an optimization pro having worked for some of the biggest software companies in the world.
    • See instantly the lifetime value of your leads without having to setup anything at your autoresponder, and without needing to place any code anywhere! This is huge.
    • Lifetime view of everything your visitors did. For example you could see that someone entered your lead capture page via Facebook, didn't optin, then came back through your retargeting campaign 3 days later, opted in, and purchased at the 4th email of your autoresponder series!
    • Allows you to KNOW the conversion rates of your competitors landers, review blogs etc...
    • Most powerful conditional traffic routing in the world. There's no other software allowing you to play with your traffic as easily and as precisely than Funnel Flux.
    • Believe it or not, there's much much more...

    I briefly mentioned the conditional rules above, here's a screenshot showing you how you can place your conditions at any place in your funnels within Funnel Flux:


    You have access to all the following tests for the condition nodes (and you can group them with OR and AND conditions):

    Location: Continent
    Location: Country
    Location: Region
    Location: City
    Location: Timezone
    Device: Type
    Device: Brand
    Device: Model
    Device: OS
    Device: OS Version
    Device: Browser
    Device: Browser Version
    Device: Display Width
    Device: Display Height
    Device: Name
    Device: Manufacturer
    Device: Pointing Method
    Device: Connection Speed
    Device: Wifi Support
    Device: NFC Support
    Device: Dual Orientation Support
    Device: Cookies Support
    Device: 3rd-Party Cookies Support
    Device: iFrames Support
    Device: Embedded Videos Support
    Device: HTML 5 Support
    Device: Javascript Support
    Device: Click-To-Call Support
    Device: Click-To-SMS Support
    Device: Click-To-MMS Support
    Device: MP4 Videos Support
    Device: MOV Videos Support
    Device: FLV Videos Support
    Device: WMV Videos Support
    Device: Flash Support
    Device: PDF Support
    Connection: IP
    Connection: ISP
    Connection: User Agent
    Connection: Referrer
    Connection: Current URL
    Time: Date
    Time: Day of Week
    Time: Day of Month
    Time: Month of Year
    Time: Time of Day
    Quantity: Number of Visitors
    Quantity: Number of Visitors Today
    Traffic Source
    URL Tracking Field

    You can also place Javascript nodes and PHP nodes at any place in your funnels to execute custom code (like retargeting pixels for example).

    But all I said above can't make justice to the power of Funnel Flux...

    If you'd like to know more, please watch the video series below to see how I created a profitable campaign live, extremely easily thanks to this powerful tracker and funnel builder.

    WARNING: I have a strong French accent!

    PART 1 - Here's the Product We Will Promote and the Type of Content We Will Use

    PART 2 - Setting up the Presell Funnel

    PART 3 - Setting up Your Traffic Sources

    PART 4 - Initial Statistics (and some money already)

    PART 5 - Reporting Conversions Back to Facebook

    PART 6 - How to Improve our Campaign

    PART 7 - Best & Worst Advertising Channels Just Found! This one is AMAZING

    IMPORTANT: The videos above have all been recorded with an old version of Funnel Flux

    The UI is now completely revamped and fresher - the redirect speed is out of this world as it now redirects faster than voluum on a very modest 4GB, 2 CPU server!

    There is a multi-user module integrated with full permissions control, so if you have some staff working for you, you can give them access to what they need and nothing else.

    There's an advanced traffic filter module integrated so bots will not screw your stats.

    There's a live dashboard that shows you in realtime what's happening right now in your campaigns. Here's a screenshot (these are not real stats, just sample data):


    And many more things since I recorded the original videos!

    If you have not purchased Funnel Flux yet, click here to check it now and join the revolution!

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