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FreeFunder Crowdfunding Affiliates

80% Commission for Crowdfunding Referrals

  1. FreeFunder Affiliates
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    FreeFunder Affiliates
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    Earn 80% Commission
    When you refer people to FreeFunder, they are marked as one of your Referrals for life! Any time they create a campaign, you'll get 80% of the money earned by FreeFunder! Not only are you doing the Campaign Owner a favor by showing them how to crowd fund their project without any fees, but you also get the lion's share of the money FreeFunder earns from the campaign!

    Wait! If It's Free, How Do I Make Money?
    FreeFunder has two different types of Campaigns: Free, and Premium. On Free Campaigns (like this example by Colleen Fallon) FreeFunder takes NO fees. Instead, people who are donating to the campaign will have an option to also donate a small amount to FreeFunder. This is completely optional, but a significant number of people will donate anywhere from 1 to 5%.

    The total amount donated to Colleen's campaign was $5,165. FreeFunder took no part of that. But those contributors also voluntarily donated a total of $182.72 to FreeFunder, which amounts to about 3.5% of the total raised by Colleen! So even though the campaign was free for Colleen, FreeFunder earned money.

    If an Affiliate had referred Colleen, they would have earned $146.17!

    The other type of campaign is a Premium Campaign. Some users will choose to switch to a Premium Campaign because it offers additional features like Rewards, Team Members, Email Updates and more. For Premium Campaigns, there is no option to donate to FreeFunder. Instead, 2.9% of the donated amount is automatically deducted and given to FreeFunder.