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Free Native Ads Optimization Platform - Mgid, Taboola, Outbrain, RevContent

Native Advertisement Auto-Optimization Strategy

  1. Laimonas AdGenius.ai
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    Hi fellow Native Advertiser! [​IMG]

    This thread is about the best Free Native ads optimization tool that allows native media buyers to scale campaigns through the roof! Native ads strategy on autopilot.

    Integrated with:
    • MGID
    • Taboola
    • Verizon Media
    • Content. Ad
    • Revcontent
    • Outbrain
    • ThriveTracker, Voluum & RedTrack.

    Find out more below.

    Short introduction about what we do:

    AdGenius.ai has been working closely with hundreds of experienced Native Media Buyers and have successfully optimized over 100K campaigns!
    This experience helped us gather valuable insights and tips that help MB's reach higher campaign performance, save time, and scale campaigns through the roof!

    After automating thousands of campaigns, we can guarantee that the automation of daily media buying routines can improve ROI, saves time & allow you to focus on the strategic side of the business. [​IMG]

    Boost ROI by 25%:
    • Enhance campaign performance - automatically block bot traffic
    • Scale your campaigns - Automatically increase bid % on thriving widgets
    • Stay prepared - Automatically adjust daily budget based on live performance
    • Boost efficiency - Upload 255 ads to multiple campaigns with a few mouse clicks
    • Dominate it all - Control all your campaigns from 6 different traffic sources at once
    • Need a custom integration? Get in touch here.
    We invite you to be miles ahead of your competition with our POWERFUL AUTOMATION algorithms!

    A completely free membership is available.

    [​IMG] Click here to grab your free account [​IMG]