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We help companies follow what their competitors do online.Follow.net does 2 things...

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    We help companies follow what their competitors do online.

    Follow.net does 2 things really well:

    #1 - We allow you to instantly see competitive information about any sites, across every marketing vertical in seconds using our browser extension

    #2 - We help you follow what your competitor does in the future with our Follow news feed. We email you all of their activity as it happens.

    How does it work?

    Follow installs a free extension on your browser. When you visit a site and want to learn how they acquire their customers online, simply open up the Follow sidebar. Right away you can see a ton of competitive data about the website all from your browser. You can simply scroll through the data to see it all. Here are a few of the data points that they provide:

    - Traffic Trends
    - Affiliate Offers
    - SEO Information – (seo results & top keywords
    - SEM Information – (monthly spend estimates, top ads & keywords)
    - Display Advertising – (top ad networks, placements & creatives)
    - Contextual Advertising – (top ad networks, placements & creatives)
    - Demographic Data – (gender, age, income, education, ethnicity, children)
    - Latest Tweets
    - WhoIs information
    - Reverse IP Data – (information about other sites hosted on the same server)
    - Top Competitors – (on both SEM and SEO)

    Why should you care?

    Having competitive information about your competitors may give you valuable insights which could help you improve your own online marketing campaigns. Follow also saves you a ton of time, normally to get this data you’d have to visit a dozen of different websites to put it all together.

    How do you get it?

    You can download it for free by visiting our website, follow.net.

Recent Reviews

  1. Snoop
    Loving it so far, such a great tool to keep up to date with my niche sites and competition.
  2. K
    So far so good, highly recommend follow.net for those who want to analyse what their competition is up to and where they are doing things. Also great to use as a google alert substitute - I will keep on playing around and report back in the new year - nice work Wes!
  3. T J Tutor
    T J Tutor
    Awesome tool, I've been onboard for the past year now and it's insights continue to help me earn! Welcome aboard the Fix Wes.
  4. Andy Haskins
    Andy Haskins
    I've dabbled with Follow.net since it was in its early release and it's an extremely valuable tool for any marketer. It's extremely useful for getting a jump start on your campaign targeting by viewing demo info all in one easy to view location. 5* - highly recommended. Keep up the great work Wes.