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Firstdate.com - $25 usd/lead for every free sign-up

Hi all, Join the leading online dating program in the Nordic region - Firsdate.com...

  1. firstdate_com
    Programs Name:
    Firstdate.com Affiliate program
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    $25 usd per lead
    Minimum Payment:
    $200 usd
    Payment Frequency:
    • Weekly
    • Daily
    Payment Method:
    • Wire
    Referral Period:
    30 days
    [email protected]
    Hi all,

    Join the leading online dating program in the Nordic region - Firsdate.com

    Below is the overview of Firstdate and our affiliate program:

    Firstdate summarized:

    · Only datingsite operating in a pan-scandinavian way - we accept leads from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland as well as Iceland

    · More singles online than the other dating sites combined in Scandinavia

    · Only dating site with 100% date guarantee

    · We aim to be the biggest datingsite in Scandinavia in the next 12 months

    · Highest commission ever paid in the dating industry ($25 / lead)

    · We run the biggest TV-campaign ever launched in the Scandinavian countries to support your online advertising and increase the conversion rate

    · We provide you with exceptional support so you can be profitable. There is ample amount of creatives and landers to choose from and we can help you with translations or anything else that you might need to promote us successfully.

    · We will make fast payments to you. If you deliver us a lot of leads then we can pay you every week or even every day!

    - It is 100% free to register on the site (and this is what we pay you for - a lead).

    So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and start earning money already today!

Recent Reviews

  1. Lani
    Stay away from firstdate network. I joined their own affiliate program at http://fd-a.se and I'ts been nightmare for trying to get my payment. Been trying to contact them for my payment for 5 months now. No responses.
  2. Dario
    FirstDate has awesome dating offers for Scandinavian countries.High payout rates and available in the most networks,I would like If we could have some of your offers in our network:)