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    Etology is different from other traffic providers because we understand the real value of traffic. Instead of gathering garbage and throwing billions of useless clicks at your join page, we specialize in assisting Media Buyers who want pre-screened potential customers from every single click in the deal. What new site owners need to know is that the wrong traffic is always an expense. Billions of impressions require significant resources in terms of bandwidth, support time, tracking and ad capital. That’s why we focus all of our efforts on identifying the traffic that actually converts and retains, so the traffic you buy from Etology translates into the highest possible return on your initial investment. Etology Publishers are high volume sites with exclusive content, trustworthy marketing practices and an inventory of paying Members Area customers seeking other specific offers. We match your ads with their traffic and the results show up as increased revenue for Etology Advertisers and Publishers!

    Created by industry marketing veterans, the Etology traffic platform is a centralized and convenient marketplace for Advertisers and Publishers alike. Experienced Etology account executives assist you with a custom crafted marketing strategy and we make it our mission to make you money. Optimize your existing traffic and obtain additional traffic from pre-qualified sources that suit your specific offers. Find out which creatives are working best currently, get detailed analysis of your traffic reports and improve the performance of your company with each successive campaign.


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