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EssayPro Affiliate Program
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up to 70%
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  1. Daily
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EssayPro Affiliate Program - receive up to 70% commission per sale!

EssayPro.Money is an intermediary platform used by students to connect with professional writers and receive online academic services for a friendly price.

Writers on this platform can help with all types of academic assignments: essays, research papers, final projects, business plans, etc.

What makes us unique?
  • EssayPro is an educational freelance platform. We have NOTHING in common with Fiver, UpWork, or similar websites.
  • Our platform is specifically optimized for special needs of students, and our user interface was designed for seamless communication between student and writer.
  • Customer support is thoroughly trained to get the maximum result from every potential client. Each step of the customer acquisition process is configured to convert leads.
Service Perks?
  • Students work with qualified + trained writers (not regular freelancers) to receive professional academic help.
  • Students can receive help with any assignment on any difficulty level, and even within the tightest deadlines (3+ hours)
  • Payments are sent only after an order is completed and approved by the customer.
  • Unlimited client revisions until they are completely satisfied with the final paper.
  • Writer and client can communicate 24/7 within CRM during the entire process.
EssayPro.Money affiliate program offers one of the highest revenue share rates per order!
  • 60% commission from a customer's first finished order
  • 20-25% commission from each proceeding order from the same customer

Here are our top 5 payments to our partners last month:


Current Website Statistics: (taken over last 90 days)
  • Up to 25% Conversion Rate
  • 73% Order Completion Rate
  • 39% of customers returned with one or more orders
  • $71 Average RPO (revenue per order)
  • 1.5 year average customer lifetime. Your customers will be attached to you FOREVER!

All traffic and conversions stats will be available on your Affiliate panel. We provide you with all needed keywords, banners and other promo materials.

Please take into consideration that only non-branded keywords are allowed!

We pay via:
  • Paypal
  • Webmoney
  • ePayments
  • Payoneer

For All Others - Contact us and we will find a custom solution for you :)

Payment is made by request.

Our affiliate managers are always here to help you.
Feel free to ask any questions via:

Join us now and start earning with EssayPro!
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Latest reviews

I've been working with them for a while
Payments always in time
Support always careful about me and my revenue
Would recommend it to my friends
Thanks a lot!
it is best recurring money for a lifetime!
Thank you for your feedback!
I am completely satisfied with the work with EssayPro. I’ve been working for about six months using AdWords - the CR is excellent. Money is paid clearly, without any hold to any payment system specified in the account. The support also works well and always ready to help.
Thank you for your feedback!
I would like to share my experience with the EssayPro affiliate program. However, before we begin, here is a small pre-history. As an affiliate marketer, I work exclusively with student traffic. I send some traffic directly from my site and other traffic through social media campaigns. Before, I used to send all my traffic to other affiliate programs in the same vertical, but the results were rather disappointing. The time and effort I invested didn’t yield good results, and at one point, I considered abandoning ship and looking for a new vertical to build from.

Fortunately, I located the EssayPro website and connected with the Affiliate Program known as EssayPro Money. I registered and read customer reviews from multiple Landing Pages and compared them with those of the services I used to work with. The difference was night and day. I started sending traffic to EssayPro, and within the first week, went into the green.

I have been working with EssayPro Money for almost 1.5 years. Customer support is reliable as they respond quickly and always solve problems that arise. Alongside this, they offer advice on how to set up advertisements effectively and provide materials to help with the process. Furthermore, withdrawal times are between 24 and 48 hours, which suits me perfectly!

Regarding the interface of this affiliate program, everything is clear, from analytics to charges and commissions. The only inconvenience is that there is no mobile version for the program, but this isn’t anything critical.

Overall, I highly recommend this service for any affiliate that knows how to generate student traffic.
Thanks a lot!
This is a great service.
This is a great vertical, excellent affiliate program, the only negative - seasonal failures. I sent traffic from Advords to this offer. The life of my accounts is short, they are blocked again and again, but during this time I gave the traffic, the customers who are now making rebills. Now I am waiting for the fall season to begin, and I am preparing accounts, this time I will try to work longer
Thank you for your feedback!
Reliable platform, always paying on time. Their support helped me out by setting up ads and providing me with a promo. Can’t wait for the season to begin!
Now its my term to share my experience on working with this platform.
I Was surprised at first with rates during this summer period. I am not a newbie in essay niche and confidently can say that none of 4 essay platforms didn't have even close numbers to essay pro during summer.
Second impression was about payouts. They pay in few hours later after your request, doesn't matter if its daily, weekly or hourly. Thats probably the most important thing, as for me.
Its profitable to work with this platform.
Conversion rates are always high, even so it is not a season.
Working from last year, and sometime this program have some problems. But, from my experience, it much better than the rest of programs.
Working with affiliate program for a long time and have pretty good earnings
I had a doubt on working with this kind of program, but soon all of my fears gone
rookies should to try