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Digital Igniters Ltd

SaaS for membership businesses with single or recurring payments

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    ConversionR is a private tool created for any merchant, advertiser, product owner, network or affiliate interested in launch own products or services.

    We operate in Dropshipping, Dating, Sweepstakes, Gambling, Gaming, Dating, Nutra, Finance, Crypto and more!

    What can you do with ConversionRoad?

    1. Create as many landings as you need in one place
    -Create or upload landing pages, checkout and thank you pages
    -Add languages with a single click
    -Rotate securely domains in landings

    2. Manage offers and affiliates
    -Create offers based on GEOs, payouts, verticals
    -Manage affiliates, trackings, postbacks and cappings
    -Manage one payment or recurring based campaigns

    3.Integrate payment methods to run your business model
    -Set up corporations, services and gateways
    -Integrate gateways, processors and payment methods within your services
    -Set up different pricing plans, fees, trials and routings

    4.Manage your customers and transactions
    -Filter results by any kind of transaction, marketing or credit card information
    -Manage cancelations, notifications and refunds
    -Manage chargebacks, alerts and fraud related transactions

    5.Analyze data to get actionable insights
    -Get conversions, trials, activations, rebilling, traffic and fraud reports
    -Access real-time KPI metrics and real profit dashboard
    -Get monthly cohorts and traffic journey based on time

    6.Scale your affiliate business and maximize your profits
    -Automatically detect suspicious visits to protect your traffic from bots
    -Verify automatically the addresses for your leads
    -Handle as many traffic volume as you need