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Daily Earnings

Free Stats Aggregator for Affiliates

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    Daily Earnings
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    We are happy to introduce Daily Earnings, a free tool for affiliates who work with multiple networks and who want to see all of their statistics in one unique dashboard.

    Let’s face it, having to log into each one of your affiliate account every time you want to see how your campaigns are doing can be very time consuming. And don’t get us started on the incredible amount of time wasted every week trying to aggregate and compare your various statistics in some excel sheet. That’s why we created Daily Earnings, a stats aggregator that does all of this for you and that does it for free!


    How does it work? Well it’s really simple :
    1. First, you’ll need to create an account here : Daily Earnings - All Your Online Earnings in One Place!
    2. Next, you’ll have to access the Manage Networks section of your dashboard
    3. From there, you’ll be able to link the networks’ reporting APIs in order for your data to be automatically retrieved and shown into your Daily Earnings dashboard
    4. That’s it, you’re good to go!

    In short, if you’re an affiliate working with more than one network who would like to spend less time aggregating his statistics and more time making money, Daily Earnings is the tool you need. By having all your stats combined in one unique dashboard, not only will you be free from having to consult various websites every day in order to see how your campaigns are doing, but you’ll also be able to know exactly what your global results are just by the click of a button.

    Main features of Daily Earnings :
    • Real time reporting — Daily Earnings retrieves and combines all of your earnings instantly
    • Custom date intervals — You’d like to see how much you made last week? Got it!
    • Direct link — Generate your own if you want to see your earnings without logging in
    • Read-only tokens — We can’t and don’t have to access your networks’ accounts
    • Compatible with more than 200 networks — See the complete list on our home page including Peerfly, AdWork Media, CPA Lead, Adsmain, MGCash and ClickBank

    And guys, just keep in mind that we’re a free startup whose goal is to help you, as affiliates, save time and enjoy the best possible tool. So just get in touch if you have any suggestions as how we could improve Daily Earnings or if you’d like for us to integrate a specific network. You can reach us at [email protected] and you can create your account at Daily Earnings - All Your Online Earnings in One Place!.