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Daedalus Design TX

Daedalus Design is a family owned provider of small batch custom PCs.

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    The Powerhouse
    Prometheus is an overclocked, high end desktop computer that has been fine-tuned for gaming, graphic design, video editing, music production, and more.

    Composed of some of the best technology on the market, this custom PC is an excellent option for professionals and enthusiasts with exacting standards and uncompromising taste. We overclock each computer and perform rigorous tests to ensure lasting quality. When you own a Prometheus, you will enjoy smooth and cinematic visuals and accelerated processing power.

    As a Daedalus client, you can avoid the hassle of initial set up. One person builds your computer from start to finish, which means we have maximum quality control, and can give the highest level of care to each order. The Prometheus arrives ready to go, just plug it in and power it on.