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Creatoir.com Affiliate Program - Become an Associate

2 tier recurring affiliate program, pays recurring commissions on both tiers.

  1. Creatoir
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    Creatoir Affiliate Program
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    $14.99 tier 1 sales, $4.99 tier 2 sales. Both Recurring.
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    • Net-30
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    • Paypal
    • Other
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    [email protected]
    Introduction and Overview

    Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to read about Creatoir's affiliate program. My name is Alex and I am the affiliate manager over at Creatoir.com

    To give you a little background about myself, I have been employed in various industries, ranging from retail and wholesale, all the way to the gaming and entertainment industry. I have been an affiliate marketer myself for many years, originally started out with Amazon's Associate Program, then moved to other more specialized areas and finally getting an opportunity to work with affiliates directly, which has been a privilege for me.

    Creatoir.com is a web creation and maintenance company, focused on providing affordable web solutions to individuals and small businesses. The service itself is priced on a monthly recurring basis, and this is what makes Creatoir's affiliate program very attractive, because it pays commissions on a recurring basis as well. For example, classic web hosting affiliate programs will usually look to pay a one off larger commission and then rack in profits from your hard work, while recurring affiliate programs such as this one will continually pay you commissions for all the business that you refer. More on that below.

    Creatoir's service is priced at $49.99 per billing cycle, there are no contracts or complicated client verification procedures. The service includes complete domain name management, web hosting, web security and backup, analytics, content management and more. As such, it is very attractive to individuals and small businesses who are looking to save money by avoiding hiring dedicated staff member(s) solely to handle all of this.

    Commission Structures, Payout Schedules, Tracking and Information Disclosure

    Creatoir pays its affiliates on a monthly basis for the duration of the customer's subscription. There are no 'waiting schedules' as is the case with some of the web hosting affiliate programs, where they require the customer to stay with the company for a certain period of time, during which if canceled the commission is not paid. We take a different approach. We pay a fixed recurring commission for each sale that you make on each billing instance, between every 25th - 28th in the month, for the previous month's earnings. The commission amount is $14.99. Creatoir pays its affiliates via Paypal or Skrill (formerly known as Moneybookers).

    In addition to that, we also reward you for recruiting other affiliates that generate sales. This 2nd tier commission is also on a recurring basis and it pays an incredible $4.99 on each successful billing cycle. All of us at Creatoir believe that options are never a bad thing, and thus we want to provide everyone with an opportunity to develop their online income even if they are not sure how and where to generate sales themselves. It is a completely viable technique to concentrate solely on recruiting as many sub-affiliates as possible. There is a textual link for this purpose in your affiliate control panel. We encourage literally everyone to sign up for our program, from more experienced marketers, to complete newbies who have never owned a website in their life. Everyone can profit.

    The affiliate program uses state of the art tracking software and you will also upon request be provided with updates about the customers you have referred and the customers your sub-affiliates have referred. This information includes the address of the website in question, details such as billing schedules and statuses corresponding to these etc. I am happy to inform you that absolutely everything is available to you and yours is just to concentrate on building up your income via any of our supported methods. If you want to concentrate on generating sales yourself, that's perfectly fine. If you want to concentrate on recruiting sub-affiliates or generally unemployed people, then that is perfectly fine as well. Do what you are good at, and get paid for it.

    Closing Words and Brief Overview

    Thank you for reading this far. Here is a brief overview of our affiliate program:

    - 2 tier commissions, recurring basis. Get paid for sales you refer, or sales your sub-affiliates refer.

    - Tier 1 recurring commission $14.99, tier 2 recurring commission $4.99 on each billing cycle.

    - Commissions are paid between 25th and 28th of every month, for previous month's earnings.

    - Transparency guaranteed. Information about sales and recurring instances delivered upon request. Absolutely all billing statuses, including cancelations or unsuccessful billing attempts.

    - No restrictions as to where and how you promote Creatoir's service, or the affiliate program itself. An option is provided to completely concentrate on referring sub-affiliates and never make a sale yourself but still be paid large commissions for all of them, over and over again.

    - The sign up process is very fast, you only need to provide some basic information and your payment option (PayPal/Skrill). No website is required, you can start in as little as 5 minutes.

    - You can always reach me at [email protected] for any questions you might have, I am also always happy to connect with our affiliates via more direct platforms such as Skype and provide real time updates or answers via chat if my time allows me to. Simply register as an affiliate and send me an email and we will connect very quickly after that.

    Thank you once again, with a slight delay I wish you a happy new year and holidays, and I hope to see you as a Creatoir's associate today!