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Get highly targeted traffic and pay only for the clicks you receive.

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    An Intro To CreamyAds!

    CreamyAds is and Adult Pay Per Click Advertising Network that delivers quality traffic to thousands of advertisers around the Globe.

    If you would like to benefit from our experience and abilities then visit our website for more info and sign up today. Then all you need to do is sit back and watch your revenue soar.

    *** CreamyAds! Advertisers ***
    Pay only when people click your ads! Display your ads in CreamyAds! Network of search engines and partner sites. Get highly targeted traffic and pay only for the clicks you receive. Bids start from $0.1c.
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    *** CreamyAds! Publishers ***
    Monetize your website and online content! CreamyAds Publisher is a program that pays you for every click. Simply add a small code snippet to your page and our system will automatically display relevant ads.
    Monetize Your Website & Traffic

    If you would like further information please feel free to visit the Creamy Ads site or contact directly via our website and/or Live Chat.

    We look forward to working with you!

    PS. We also have Cost Per Click XML feed opportunities available for 3rd party Adult Advertising Networks and Search Engines

Recent Reviews

  1. newlxx
    Very low low traffic volume.
    I even forgot about my campaign and left it running for over 100 days even the offer was pulled.
    The result 69K impressions over 4-5months in UK.

    Their support is horrible or lying - I asked them multiple times about inventory and got nothing in return.
    All their support told me was Creamy Ads is a PPC Platform was to add more banners to get more traffic.
    Seriously guys? For gods sake I'm using 300x250 banners - they're everywhere.

    According to their support, CreamyAds serves 90M impressions per day (idk where those impressions are being served) LOL my bidding position was constantly 1 for over 100 days and using the most common banner size - 300x250.