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Boost your app ranking for lowest prices

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    CPIMobi.com gives a perfect solution to boost your Android App's ranking in the Google Play Market by providing the incentivized installs from real users and devices on a CPI basis. This leads into acquiring tons of new users and the massive growth of your business.

    Our services are trusted by 50,000 app owners whose ROI increased due to our partnership.
    Main advantages:

    - $0.09 - the lowest price for Android install
    - No SDK required
    - Start your campaign in 5 minutes
    - Powerful dashboard and statistics


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Recent Reviews

  1. KrishnaKishore PS
    KrishnaKishore PS
    May be the service was once a great one. But, now, they do not even respond over chat or through emails. Any application released, it has to be boosted within the very first month for the results. I have been waiting for 14 days for my app to be promoted through these people (416 installs to be precise), but received just 16 impressions / 16 clicks and 13 installs. As a dev, I worry about the trust we have on a service and the bad outcomes if things do not happen as intended.