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  1. Adult PPS is HERE!

    Hello, everyone! We haven't placed an update on our AffiliateFix posting in forever, so it's time for a change.

    A lot has changed since our last update on here; we have way more affiliate managers, a bunch of exclusive offers, the best smart link system in the industry and way more.

    However, today's update is about ten new offers that have just been added to our network. These are Adult PPS offers.

    Also known as porn. We...
  2. Litecoin is here!


    Now that the summer is starting, we have plenty of exciting updates to announce for CPAHub! For starters, we now offer Litecoin payments for publisher payouts in addition to 7 other payment methods! Publishers can log in to the CPAHub Dashboard and update their payment details with their Litecoin address.

    Please also welcome our newest team member, Jonas W. Many of you have already interacted with him through Skype, live chat,...
  3. Updated Privacy Policy

    Dear Partners,
    We've just pushed an update to our privacy policy. This should not affect you at all, it only involves some minor changes to the way we protect your data.

    Do you not agree to our Privacy Policy? Feel free to let us know at [email protected] we will deactivate (and delete) your account within 72 hours.
  4. Landing Page Requests

    Dear Publishers,
    We have over 100 landing page templates ready to be used by our publishers. Healthcare? Insurance? Fortnite? We have everything. Contact your affiliate manager to receive additional details. Landing pages are fully customized upon request and we host them for you with no additional cost.

    Do you want to make money online through CPA? Register...
  5. CPAHub - New Dashboard

    Dear partners!

    This is the first update in a while, but we are back on our weekly update schedule. Today we have launched our brand new dashboard!

    What is new? Everything! We have mobile(&desktop) content lockers, smart links, file lockers, direct linking, a GREAT referral system and a fully working landing page request page. Where all of our users can generate premade landing pages!

    We are working really hard behind the scenes to release new features weekly.

    Where to...
  6. New offers

  7. Live Statistics

    A lot of our affiliates have been requesting a method to see the current amount of live visitors on their websites. Obviously, we delivered; today we have launched our Live Statistics page.

    Here a short video:
  8. Community Livechat

    We have launched a new community feature; a lot of people have been asking for it, so we did it!

    We now have a community livechat on our dashboard to help each other, talk about marketing techniques and more. Feel free to take a look.
  9. Insane Finland PIN Offer LAUNCHED!

    Hey there,
    We have updated our database with even more offers, of course, we do this daily, but today's offers deserve an update on their own!

    We currently have multiple PIN(/sim) submit offers which pay more than $20 (!!!!). Our biggest PIN pay-out currently is $25,-

    We really hope that you will enjoy our new offers.

    Kind regards,
    CPAHub Advertisement Team.
  10. New Dashboard + Homepage

    Hello there,
    At CPAHub developing never stops, that's why that today we've launched our new dashboard, with this new dashboard also came a new home-page with more information than before.

    Our new Dashboard is faster, look's better and is more efficient for everyone.We have a whole new content locking system; including link lockers, file lockers, note lockers and of course also the gateway tool.

    We really hope that you will all like our new better system.

    Kind regards,