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    Codrim,a global leading Mobile DSP, applies accurate orientation, big data mining and analytical measures based on DSP technology and frames, which helps customers achieve oversea market through global marketing strategy.

    To Advertisers:

    As a global leading mobile DSP, Codrim takes advantage of big data mining technology,provides advertisers with highly efficient and precise advertising targeting marketing plans.

    Four Advantages:

    High Coverage

    Great amount of global traffic over 100+ countries and areas with 24/7 service.

    Precise Marketing Strategies

    DMP portfolio optimization for precise advertising to target users by multi-dimension accurate delivery.

    Overall data Report

    Precise data report for making correct decision.

    Various Advertising Models

    Different mobile advertising models with high quality one-to-one service, mainly on CPA, together with CPM, CPC, CPS and etc., to largely accommodate the budgets

    As a global leading mobile marketing DSP, we cooperate with a great number of reliable and top end advertisers and successfully receive exclusive offers to ensure you a fill rate of 99% above and improve your ROI as far as possible. We strictly control offer quality by custom-made advertising program based on advertisers’ needs to ensure the best user experience and help publishers to maximize monetization to a large extent.


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