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Outstanding Cloud Cloaking Solution

  1. Traffilect
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    Cloud Cloaking Solution
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    free - 1499$
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    Use our cloud-based cloaking software with on-the-fly visitors filtration and AI-powered bots detection tools for make your advertising possible, more profitable and completely private.

    It's as simple as 1-2-3:
    1. Bots Detection by 75+ High-End Triggers We don't use old-school triggers such as ip, user agent and cookies. Instead of this we collect full hardware IDs (includes accelerometer, battery charge level and gyroscope for mobiles) for unbeatable fingerprinting. At the same time we aggregate data from top bit user data providers includes behavioral activity, shopping history and other (private) datasets. We know about your users more than they know about themselves.
    2. Already Ready. Instant Zero Setup Installation. Just link your domain to our server's IP and get ready for use in ads links. That is. Zero setup. Everything (includes landing pages) will be generated automatically. Landing pages (with 100% unique HTML theme) on your domain will be generated automatically as well. SEO-friendly. Auto-adjusted for each keyword and auto-translated for each user on the fly.

    3. 0% False Positives. 100% Accuracy.
    0.16s. Latency
    Ultra-fast onion-based multistage filtration algorithm works more than you can expect. No one click will be loosed by mistake, no one bot will be allowed for visit, no extra delay for your redirects. Cloud distribution as it should be.