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The only Affiliate network that will pay you $1 per click of each of the visitor you send.

  1. 100jan
    Programs Name:
    ClicksCrowd Pay-Per-Click Affiliate Network
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    $1 per click , + weekly bonuses
    Minimum Payment:
    Payment Frequency:
    • Weekly
    Payment Method:
    • Wire
    • Paypal
    • Payoneer
    • Other
    Referral Period:
    [email protected]
    The only platform in the world that enables any affiliate, with any traffic source to get paid per clicks.

    Start making a stable income without worrying about sales or leads.
    Join ClicksCrowd today and see how simple it is to make money from your traffic.

    Send traffic and get paid per clicks.
    Most traffic sources are accepted, such as SEO, paid ads, social media, text links, banners, videos, native ads and E-mail campaigns.
    Join ClicksCrowd today and find out the power of getting paid per clicks.

    -----------------What is Clickscrowd™-------------------

      • Clickcrowd™ is an affiliate network that can offer you a pay-per-click monetizing method for your traffic.
      • For each offer we have in our network we will individually calculate the pay rate we can offer you per click
      • For the offer we currently have installed we pay $1 per each click for all affiliates. We offer weekly bonuses as well...
    -----------------What do we provide you----------------

      • Each affiliate gets a personal affiliate page where you can track your clicks stats and get some advanced metrics you can use for optimizing your promotion efforts
      • Fast approval - Get approved within a day
      • We provide you with a pre-tested high converting landing page connected with your affiliate link that is ready to use right away (no need for you to create your own pages)
      • We offer daily support in Skype chat to help you improve your results
      • We are always opened for new suggestions for further improving every aspect of your network
      • Weekly payments - Following payment processors supported - PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill
    ----------------------How are Clicks getting counted---

    (For a click to get counted for you 2 things need to happen.)

      • Visitors needs to click on your affiliate link we assigned to you => A landing page will open for them
        2.After the landing page opened, visitors needs to click on any of the links on the landing page that opens for them
        Both 1 and 2 - needs to be completed for a click to get counted.
    ------------------------Traffic rules------------------------

      • Clicks need to be 100% genuine and of good quality (NOT dead traffic that is not converting at all)
        -The following traffic sources are not accepted: PPV, pop-up or pop-under traffic.
      • No low quality source of traffic, such as underage users.
      • No e-mail spamming.
      • No deceptive advertising methods.
      • For the current running offer clicks needs to be from USA only!
      • Fake Clicks are strictly forbidden and anyone sending fake clicks will be terminated and can’t work with us ever again
      • We have advanced systems to detect fraudulent clicks.
      • Based on quality of the traffic and number of conversions we can offer better pay rate per click for those that can provide high quality traffic on continuous base
    ------------------------------Other General info----------

      • We pay on weekly schedule, every Monday affiliates get a full report on amount of clicks and payment earned for previous week, and report of duplicate and invalid clicks which are deducted from the final clicks count.
      • Duplicate clicks are those that happen when a same person clicks more than once on your domain… We don’t count duplicate clicks in your final clicks count.
      • Invalid clicks are those that happen when a visitor from outside of USA clicks on the link, or clicks from proxies, bots… etc

Recent Reviews

  1. Heikoto
    great affiliate network
  2. Nikhil Gupta
    Nikhil Gupta
    I've been working with this clickscrowd network since 2012 and this project was started in 2011 and after working for so many years I can say that this is the best affiliate network on the internet and constantly working on improvements like using great technology in tracking clicks and clicks pay rate is also very high. I always get the payments on time and many good and popular payment options are available for you to get paid weekly for your work. I just highly recommend them and have not doubt in giving them 5 stars :)
  3. Anica
    I've been working with these guys for quite a long time, 6+ yrs, and I only have the words of praise for them. First thing that comes to mind is their great online support which is unparalleled. This affiliate network has wonderful team of people to work with, team leaders are so friendly and responsive, giving their level best to share tips and info and providing all kinds of tools and resources that can help you out to succeed along the way. Payments are always right on time and since I started working with them, I never missed a single payment. Giving all 5 starts and highly recommend.