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next-gen click tracker, rotator and link manager, plus much more!

  1. bfreedom
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    as low as $12 a month and up.
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    Feature [​IMG]
    "Money Layer" Technology [​IMG]
    Multi-Mode Link Rotators [​IMG]
    Advanced GeoTargeting [​IMG]
    Advanced Retargeting On ANY Link [​IMG]
    Dynamic Affiliate Links [​IMG]
    Countdown Timer Technology [​IMG]
    Link Cloaking [​IMG]
    Magick Popups [​IMG]
    Effortless Mobile Optimization [​IMG]
    Content Locking [​IMG]
    24/7 Link Uptime Monitoring [​IMG]
    True Real-Time Tracking [​IMG]
    Automatic Split-Test Winner Alerts [​IMG]
    A/B Split Testing [​IMG]
    Automatic Traffic Quality Analysis [​IMG]
    MagickBar Technology [​IMG]
    Custom Tracking Domains [​IMG]
    Google Analytics Compatible [​IMG]
    Click Fraud Monitoring [​IMG]
    Cloud-Based for Reliability & Speed [​IMG]
    Downloadable Click Logs [​IMG]
    Public Stats Sharing [​IMG]
    Auto Traffic-Bot Filtering [​IMG]
    Automatic Mobile Targeting [​IMG]
    Postback Pixel Tracking [​IMG]
    Dynamic Facebook & PPV Variable Sub-ID Passing [​IMG]
    Facebook Sharing - Custom Title, Description & Image [​IMG]
    Easy-To-Navigate Detailed In-Depth Statistics [​IMG]
    True-Click Accuracy Engine [​IMG]