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ClickerVolt - 100% FREE Tracker

100% FREE (and amazing) Tracker

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    100% Free without 1-1 support
    ClickerVolt is a Dream-Come-True Tracker for Affiliates & Performance Marketers
    - 100% FREE -

    We've made ClickerVolt the perfect tool for affiliates and performance marketers.

    It used to be sold at $197 lifetime or $47+$7/m but it's now free!

    ClickerVolt is very fast (you can check the comparative benchmarks here) and super easy to use.

    It is the only tracker showing you AIDA metrics in all your reports, making your campaign optimization both way faster and cheaper.

    If you're wondering what is AIDA, there is a full case study here.

    It has pretty much all the bells and whistles of other popular trackers, and then some. It can track complex flows (it's not limited to simple lander to offer flows)

    It has suspicious traffic detection (using Google's AI):


    It is self hosted but easily installed as a WordPress plugin.
    And if you think WordPress will make it slow, think again - and check the benchmarks on our site to see how fast it actually is!

    People love it!



    Get all the details and download link on our Website - as I said, it's all FREE:

    ClickerVolt - A FREE Dream-Come-True Tracker for Affiliates |

    It is rich in useful features, but most importantly, it is all about saving you time.

    To achieve this, all data, all settings, everything is contextually accessible on one single screen - no loading between pages. You can create a campaign, check your live clicks log, run some complex drilldown reports, without any page load in between.

    We admit the UI is not the prettiest out there - but it's the fastest!

    Here are some of the features available in ClickerVolt:

    • AIDA Tracking (case-study here)
    • Complex Funnel Tracking
    • Real-time Cost Update
    • Custom JS & PHP Hooks
    • Page Cloaking
    • Link Aliases
    • Track without Redirects
    • Unlimited Split-Tests
    • URL Variables Editor
    • Integration for 43 affiliate networks
    • Redirect Rules
    • Live Clicks Log
    • Heatmaps
    • Drilldown Reports
    • Remote Pages Takeover
    • Add Your Retargeting Pixels to Any Page (even if not yours)
    • Suspicious Traffic Detection (using Google's AI)
    • And more...
    Here is a short video tour:

    ClickerVolt is super fast, check the benchmarks here.

    ClickerVolt Is 100% FREE
    Start Using it Now!