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Brand Booster SEO v1.1

The Social Signals Google LOVES At The Right Pace

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    Brand Booster Social SEO
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    Brand Booster
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    20.00 for 3100 HQ Social Signals & 150 Contextual Backlinks
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    I Will Give Your Brand The Social Signals Google LOVES – at EXACTLY the Right Pace

    +150 HQ Contextually Relevant Backlinks

    SEO Audit

    3100 Mixed Social Signals With Engagements spread through the most SEO-Relevant Social Media and Social Bookmarking Networks

    Unlike most Social SEO’s, I REFUSE to leave you with an obvious footprint begging for a penalty… If you were to view the dispersal of social signals provided by most SEO’s in graph form, it would look very much like a giant unnatural Spike with NOTHING before and NOTHING after…

    This is just ASKING for a Google Smackdown….

    On the contrary, with Brand Booster , I employ a pattern of drip feeding them that much more closely represents the natural lifecycle of truly “viral” content – in graph form, it would much more closely represent a large ocean wave – rapid build up to it’s peak (but not TOO rapid) – and tapers off much more slowly than it began…This approach has been proven effective and gotten excellent results from countless happy clients, and will continue to.


    Because Google Views this as a large amount of Authentic Human Engagement
    – A Metric that FAR outshines any one blogger’s “vote” of a backlink – as it very clearly demonstrates that your content interests and impacts a significant amount of readers, and is therefore “valuable” – leading to the rapid surge in rankings.

    To Recap, with Brand Booster you get:

    • 1) Before and After SEO Audit of Social Signals & Backlinks
    • 2) 150 Hand Made HQ Contextual Backlinks
    • 3) 3100 Mixed Social Signals On The Current Top SEO Ranking Platforms
    Ready to Rank Socially? Get It Now!
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