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Blvd-Media Group

Our Company Blvd Media Group is an incentive-based advertising company that develops...

  1. KSixJeremy
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    Blvd-Media Group, LLC
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    • Net-30
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    Blvd Media Group is an incentive-based advertising company that develops proprietary technologies, on a patent pending framework to promote online advertisements across niche verticals. Our network creates close relationships with direct advertisers and other networks to offer an enormous inventory of offers available to users in all countries.

    Our Offers

    Blvd Media Group has a large inventory of offers covering many different niches and can deliver advertisements and promotions in the incentive-based market. Our networks relationship with our direct advertisers is strong, so payouts are always competitive and we will work hard to obtain any offers that you might request.

    Our Tools

    Our rewardTool is a powerful website plug-in that displays top performing advertisements to your users and helps monetize Virtual Currency and other types of incentives. The tool can easily be integrated on your website, and once installed there is no additional maintenance required. It will display offers from over 200 different advertisers that are willing to pay for leads or opinions on their products. Once a user successfully interacts with an advertisement and generates a lead the tool will automatically credit that user while you get paid, and all tracking is done in real-time. By unleashing the power of paid information sharing, organizations can reach their goals without reaching into their member's pockets.

    Our accessTool is a innovative addition to your website that allows you to generate revenue by monetizing your websites content. The Tool can be placed over any type of content including Videos, Direct Downloads and Music. Put your users at ease by designing a tool that matches the look of your website completely, allowing the accessTool to feel like an extension of your site. You have total control over the offers, logo, colors, images, buttons, and even the loading bar. In a few easy steps, you can integrate the accessTool onto any site including Wordpress and Joomla blogs. The tool also features a "Happy Hour" time that you can set that allows free access, additional non-sales redirects for users who are not interested in surveys, and an attractive interactive interface.

    How we pay

    Blvd Media Group pays it's affiliates on a Net-30, Net-15, Weekly and Daily basis. Our quickest payment terms are reserved for consistent earners, so contact your Affiliate Manager for additional information.

    Our Support

    Blvd Media Group Affiliate Managers are available Monday - Friday through Live Support on Skype/AIM/Yahoo/MSN, as well as communication over email and Phone during regular business hours. Affiliate Managers can sometimes be reached outside of business hours too, so don't hesitate to try and get in touch whenever you need assistance.

Recent Reviews

  1. bahaldownload
    Your network not well , I did not receive money in July, August, and September. July's payment is in June
    1. KSixJeremy
      Author's Response
      Hey man, will you please reach out to me over Skype? I would like to resolve this issue for you and make sure you are taken care of!


      Jeremy Hayden
  2. matrixzer0
    As I said before in this thread Jeremy is A++ at his work. I am using Blvd-Media and its sister site KSix with my GPT network. Everything is working as it should. Jeremy is always on call on Skype. 20 Times more than my other 20+ Affiliate Managers. The trust I have in the Company is boosted mainly by the presence of this guy. I think I have said more than enough in my 2 posts. So if you want to get serious then Blvd-Media is the way to go.
  3. operationoffers
    We have worked with Blvd Media for a while now and know affiliates who are working with them now. I would recommend working with them just like any network that has true "staying" power over the long term. Try to stick with networks that are up front and honest in how they work with others because that is the only way to keep campaigns and profits up. There have been many networks that have fallen due to unscrupulous activities, but if you stay away from them..everyone wins. Keep up the good work!
  4. akaaka
    Honest, reliable and good quality. I've checked the website many times and its the simplest and greatest website in this industry... Jeremy knows his stuff , he is intelligent, knowledgeable, moral and the most important thing is: they know how to treat customer and this is exactly what every costumer is looking for.

    i'll completely suggest Blvd-Media Group..
  5. Cavalier07
    I have been using BLVD for a couple of years now not making too much from them however they always pay me now matter how much every month on time. The new reward tool is a massive step forward and should increase our earnings with them. We will be continuing to use them for many more years to come.
  6. clements
    Although I don't make as much money with them as I used to and hope to make that change in the near future, They have excellent offers for their offer wall. If you need help with postback they have someone there that will help with that. Also I get paid net15 and never missed a payment and never been late.
  7. johnoffermarket
    Honest and reliable company. I've had the pleasure of personally meeting and working with much of the Blvd staff. Everyone is friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely diligent with their work and will always treat you as a top priority. I'd highly recommend working with them based on my experience. Jeremy Hayden is truly one of the best guys in the industry and he'll always go the extra mile to help you out.