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Bid Right

Stay Connected To Your Earnings, Anytime, Anywhere

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    Bid Right
    FREE - Mobile App. / From 49€ per month - SAS
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    • Bid Right is designed specifically for affiliates who invest into Paid Search and PPC traffic. Whether you run website(s) or not (i.e.: keyworders or remarketers, etc...) as long as you invest in Pay Per Click traffic, you need to know whether it converts or not, where it converts, and how profitable or unprofitable it is.
    • Bid Right tracks your commissions all the way back to their original inbound clicks. In other words Bid Right matches your spend with your revenue, down to the most granular level (i.e. keyword, commission or unique click levels).
    • Bid Right's user friendly interface allows you to manage bids on large scales of individual keywords in order to control their overall profitability.
    If you're not using AdWords or Bing Ads you can still use our Mobile App. (iOS / Android) Bid Right Lite - Starter to stay connected to your earnings Anytime Anywhere for FREE!

    Bid Right Lite has been designed for Affiliates to save your time, Bid Right Lite allows to aggregate your earnings for all your Affiliate Networks.
    Stop wasting your time by connecting across multiple Affiliate Networks to track your earnings, Bid Right Lite will do it for you.
    Stay connected to your earnings – Anytime. Anywhere.
    Bid Right Lite is a must-have mobile application for Affiliates.

    Key Features:
    ✓ Dashboard: Review all your earnings by Networks/Programs/Status.
    ✓ Notification: Keep connected through periodic notification to detect new earnings.
    ✓ Secure: All your data are confidential, encrypted and sent over SSL.
    ✓ Currency: Convert foreign currencies based on daily exchange rates.
    ✓ Fast: Thanks to our own API your stats are displayed with the best response time.
    ✓ User Friendly: Keep it simple! It is the way used to develop the GUI.
    ✓ Support: If you need some help send us an e-mail.
    ✓ Flexible: We support more than 30 popular Affiliate Networks.

    Networks already connected:
    ✓ Affiliate Window
    ✓ Adcell
    ✓ Affiliate Future
    ✓ Affilinet
    ✓ Affility
    ✓ Affiliwelt
    ✓ Avant Link
    ✓ Belboon
    ✓ Comission Junction
    ✓ Cupid
    ✓ Daisycon
    ✓ Darwin
    ✓ Effiliation
    ✓ Linkshare
    ✓ Mediaffiliation
    ✓ Net Affiliation
    ✓ Online Media Group
    ✓ Paid On Results
    ✓ Partner Ads
    ✓ Public-Idees
    ✓ Reactivpub
    ✓ Silicon Salad
    ✓ Sponsorboost
    ✓ Trade Doubler
    ✓ Trade Spotting
    ✓ TradeTracker
    ✓ Up For It
    ✓ Veoxa
    ✓ Webgains
    ✓ Zanox
    ✓ Zoosk