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Banners & Landers

  1. bannerslanders
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    Banners & Landers
    40$ Landers - 5$ Banners
    Payment Types:
    • Paypal
    [email protected]
    bannerslanderslogo.png BANNERS & LANDERS is TAKING ORDERS RIGHT NOW! Here's how you can order!

    The problem: Many affiliates struggle with coding, and/or banner design.

    The solution:BannersLanders.com

    Let me introduce BannersLanders.com, a new service offered by our outsourcing company. We have in house designers who have been already working with some of you to create banners, as well as landing pages that meet your needs.

    The Prices:

    Web Based Landers $40
    Mobile Responsive Landers $40
    Banners $5 for original concept, $0.50 cent for variations

    The Order Process:

    1) Send us an Email with Instructions ([email protected])

    2) We work, and you get your lander and/or banners within 1 business day or less.

    What we don't do and is not included:

    -We don't come up with angles or new lander concepts for you
    -We don't write the ad copy for the creatives

    Accepted forms of payment:

    Paypal and Paxum


    Q: Can we have the PSDs?
    A: Yes, just ask for them

    Q: Who owns the copyright to the work?
    A: You do.

    Q: Do you do adult landers/banners?
    A: Yes

    Q: Are the landers fully mobile responsive?
    A: Yes, as a layer of protection when ordering write in a request to have us run a cross browser check.