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ATFX Marketing Partner Programme (MPP) Certified

Forex sales-funnel based affiliate program

  1. Dominic @ ATFX Affiliates
    Programs Name:
    ATFX MPP - forex affiliate program
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    Minimum Payment:
    Payment Frequency:
    • Weekly
    Payment Method:
    • Wire
    Referral Period:
    90 days
    [email protected]
    Our partners are affiliated with the only regulated forex broker *truly* paying for Leads, and who values and places the affiliate’s best interests first.

    Our MPP plan removes the commission structure from trading based activities entirely. Instead we pay you based on where your introduced leads are, within our sales funnel!

    This ensures our program places the best interests of our clients first, something the European financial regulators are very interested in these days.

    So, are you a “leads specialist”, a social media guru, can find high net worth individuals or you simply specialize in low deposit investors?

    The MPP by ATFX provides different types of commission plans, to suit different types of partners.

    Become a marketing partner today, and potentially get paid for all leads provided.

    The different plans pay more or less for different levels within our sales funnel, and take into account different conversion rates and even include dynamic bench-marking for faster approval on payments!

    Talk to one of our Partner Managers today, to learn more.


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