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AppFlood is a new mobile affiliate network currently looking for more affiliates. We’re...

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    AppFlood is a new mobile affiliate network currently looking for more affiliates. We’re here to introduce ourselves to you and extend an opportunity to partner with us.

    Here’s some more information about AppFlood:

    AppFlood’s Background

    AppFlood’s founder was on one of the original teams of Google China and later went on to create one of the first mobile-focused Internet companies from China. We’re unique in China, having focused on gaining expertise in the North American and European markets from the beginning. Since then we’ve grown AppFlood and formed strong relationships with thousands of mobile game companies and mobile Internet companies across the globe – including China. AppFlood is headquartered in Beijing with offices in San Francisco and London with more than 140 attentive staff ready to meet your needs.

    AppFlood’s competitive advantage

    We’re well versed in the intricacies of working with affiliates and we’ve built up solid long-term relationships with the affiliates we currently work with. The campaigns that AppFlood has in its system are driven by increasing mobile advertising budgets for global traffic and we’ve helped affiliates snag a piece of this pie with higher payouts and worked closely with those affiliates interested in expanding their business.

    With that in mind, what we can offer partnered affiliates is as follows:

    1. Exclusive offers: We have many exclusive offers with traffic seeking global app downloads, new subscriptions, e-commerce and more.

    2. Higher payouts: Our resources and rich experience in the industry mean we get higher payouts directly from the advertisers, and we can give you more competitive revenue.

    3. Brand advertising: We’ve recently signed with several popular mobile brand advertisers looking to buy CPM traffic. Are you interested?

    4. Cooperation Upgrade: The competition for traffic is intense these days. If you have access to premium traffic, we can guarantee higher payouts that could double or triple what you’re making. If you’re interested, let us know what type of offers you find appealing and we can quickly get the best, high paying, direct offers for you.

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