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Apex Law Service Affiliate Program

Send traffic. Earn $100-$300/paying client and $30/paying client from recruited affiliate.

  1. James Polk
    Programs Name:
    Apex Law Service Affiliate Program
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    $100-$300/paying client & $30/paying client of recruited affiliate.
    Minimum Payment:
    Payment Frequency:
    • Weekly
    Payment Method:
    • Paypal
    Referral Period:
    120-day cookie
    A Few Rules, Principles & Concepts to Follow:

    1. Apex Law Service is a Paralegal Sub-Contractor Business that Markets for Clients who need to hire Attorneys. We connect Clients with our Attorney Clients who need new Clients and if the Client hires the Attorney, Apex Law Service has already entered into an agreement to do the Paralegal Work so that the Client with the Legal Issue saves money. Apex Law Service is not a Law Firm and only does Paralegal Work for their Attorney Clients as directed by the Attorney who the Client hires.

    2. Please Identify yourself as an Apex Law Service Marketing Partner when you talk about Apex Law Service. We give you a leaway to talk about Apex Law Service as long as you identify yourself only as a Marketing Partner.

    3. Please before starting any Marketing Campaign with ads, flyers, etc. email James F. Polk, Trustee of Apex Law Service at james@apexlawservice.com for approval of wording. We are very flexible and will help you make a way of making what you want to do work. Unless there is some type of complete legal bar to a type of marketing activity, we never say no, we simply sometimes have to adjust the wording of advertisements. You may use a redirect to the Affiliate Link we provide you from your own Personalized URL, but only with approval. We will make a clean www.ApexLawService.com/YourChosenName redirect link for you if you request one, but also must approve the chosen name. You may also make your own website that links to the Affiliate Link we provide you, but the URL and site must be approved. We will help you do what you want to do. Please focus on San Diego County Advertising for the time being and until further notice, because we are not as likely to be able to instill enough confidence in a Potential Client from another County &/or State and therefore not as likely to close the sale. We have the capacity to work on out of San Diego County and out of State cases, it is simply not as likely that a potential client will believe we are as legitimate as they will when they are inside of San Diego County. This is for your success by the numbers and probability and not a hard fast rule. We do definitely have the capacity to work with Clients out of State and do in fact put Paralegal Teams together for different Attorneys from outside of San Diego County on a regular basis.

    4. Apex Law Service Pays you a $100 Marketing Fee when a Client you refer to us via your Affiliate Link pays and becomes a Client. We then work to convince the Attorney to pay you an additional $100-$200 Marketing Fee at their discretion. This second $100-$200 is not guaranteed, but Apex Law Service works at a slightly lower Paralegal Hourly Fee for the first part of the work done to help convince the Attorney to pay you the second Marketing Fee.

    5. If one of the Contacts who comes to us via your Affiliate Page Link becomes a Client and hires one of our Attorney Clients on a Contingent Fee Basis, the Attorney Only will pay you your entire Marketing Fee and it will usually be the entire $300 Marketing Fee unless the case is absolutely too small.

    6. Your Marketing Partner Affiliate Status is a License from Apex Law Service to call yourself a Marketing Partner and to follow the above rules and as such is revokeable at any time for violating the rules. This is the Law Industry and we ask that you take these basic rules seriously and ask us for help and for approval of marketing items.

    7. When somebody clicks on your Affiliate Link, their IP Address is registered to you, and when they fill out the form on that page, it is registered as your Pending Marketing Fee Commission in your Affiliate Dashboard. The Marketing Fee is earned once we are able to convert the Lead into a Client. If somebody clicks your Affiliate Link, there are 120 days for them to fill out any of the forms on Apex Law Service's Website for that IP Address to register as a Pending Commission. We do still ask people how they found us to track down any Marketing Partner Sources who might have been the originating source of a Lead and we try our best to properly reward our Marketing Partners. You can also just send a friend or contact and/or give us a person't name and contact information who wants to hire an Attorney through us.

    8. We reserve the right to require more information like a resume from our Marketing Partners before we approve them as Marketing Partners and to simply not approve of every single Marketing Partner. We try to work with everybody, but sometimes we are not able to make things work.

    9. One thing about your Affiliate Marketing Partner Dashboard is that you may from time to time have somebody who clicks your link and then fills out multiple forms on our site. Please have faith in Apex Law Service and don't become discouraged if you find out there is only one Marketing Fee that is earned when it looked like there were multiple Marketing Fees pending. You have to work on getting your Affiliate Link out there so that you have enough inbound link traffic so that you earn more than just a few Marketing Fees Monthly.

    10. You earn $30 when a Marketing Partner Affiliate who signs up via your referral recruiting link found in the MLM section of your dashboard. You earn $30 whether the Marketing Partner Affiliate is paid $100 or the full $300. Kind of neat eh?

    11. You cannot be your own referring Marketing Partner Affiliate. The Marketing Fee is earned by the first still active cookie logged to an Affiliate.

    12. Our Marketing Partners are very important to us and you can email James F. Polk, Trustee of Apex Law Service at james@apexlawservice.com anytime with questions and for help.


    James F. Polk, Trustee of Apex Law Service

    P.S. One of our Attorney Clients in San Diego who is the Primary Criminal Defense Attorney to whom we introduce Clients was a San Diego City Prosecutor and has both prosecuted and defended 100's of DUI Cases. This is a simple fact that you can use in your marketing if you want to focus on DUI. Please make sure to ask us for approval for the wording of any advertisements. There are legal industry rules to which you must adhere. If you are going to mention an Attorney by name you must do so properly and it becomes tricky because advertising platforms limit the number of letters you can use in an advertisement.