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CPA Network #1. We’ve been with you for 9 years!

  1. affiliate cube
    Network Name:
    Affiliate Cube
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    Minimum Payment:
    Payment Frequency:
    • Net-30
    • Net-15
    Payment Method:
    • Wire
    • Paypal
    • Other
    Tracking Software:
    Incentive Marketing:
    [email protected]
    Dear friends!

    We have a great news – updated version of AffiliateCube have been launched! For those who haven’t
    heard of us: AffiliateCube is a powerful CPA platform that exists from far away 2005. Since that
    time we’ve gained reputation of reliable partner and undergone many changes, constantly improving
    our service. And we are proud to represent AffiliateCube version 3.0 –sure you’ll appreciate it!

    Let me introduce some most valuable updates:

    1. Offers – full and complete information
    Full and complete information on each offer is now available as you signed up. Besides the description,
    points of conversion, allowed traffic types, devices and browsers, you may observe the screenshot of
    landing page. We’ve implemented many filters so that the search of particular offer now is extremely
    fast and handy!

    2. Report – maximum details of each click
    Report on clicks provides highly-detailed information on each click and conversion, including referrer,
    time, country/city/area, IP address, browser, platform and more.
    The report itself has 16 parameters of grouping and number of filters to easily manage the statistics.
    You may save chosen grouping and filters to return to it anytime.

    3. Postback URL – 15 parameters
    Yes, we finally did it) Now we have Postback URL enabling to pass back 15 parameters together with
    notification about conversion made into your tracker.

    4. Dashboard: Analytics, Graphic Stats, Rejected Clicks
    Besides detailed report, we’ve exported the most valuable information on Dashboard for you can fast
    observe all the critical changes. Graphic will show you the progress of the most important indicators.
    Analytics will help to make analysis of critical changes in a few clicks. Rejected clicks will remind you
    how much of you traffic potential you do not use yet.

    5. Wish List – necessary offers only
    This is one more “hot” tool to help you stay in course of new offers which you are interested in only.
    Just point out parameters (categories, geography, points of conversion, targeted devices etc.) and
    get all new corresponding offers on Dashboard - you’ll never miss the right one!

    This list is not the complete one!

    And here I’d like to add one important notice. Yes, we’ve improved the program enormously
    in technicalities. But our fundamental principles stay invariable:

    -We constantly add new offers of various verticals
    -We pay our partners stable without delays
    -We always ready to help with any question

    Join in updated AffiliateCube!
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