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A cloud platform for monetizing of your porn

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    Adultium.com - A cloud platform for monetizing of your porn
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    Minimum Payment:
    Payment Frequency:
    • Net-15
    Payment Method:
    • Wire
    • Payoneer
    • Other
    Referral Period:
    30 days
    [email protected]

    We want to introduce a new system for monetizing of your adult content (video, photo, GIF, comics, drawings, 3D).
    We are not a tube and even not just another site with movies for money.

    Or why you can earn more with us?

    You will get:
    • your paysite (for example, Nicole Heat)
    • partner traffic (not only your own from social networks)
    • a large number of monetization options: Local Membership for own members, Pay Per View for guest members, Donation, Video Download
    • a unique selling design of your content (for example, https://www.adultium.com/release/af31cd227d286a3a4186b10825e4ecc8)
    • 80% of earnings (limited offer)

    And besides

    Your content will always be yours!


    This is how your paysite can look like. I can be done with a few clicks and a few minutes in our system
    (in the illustration is the screenshot of the site Nicole Heat)


    If you are:

    • Producer
    • Studio
    • amateur homemade films maker
    • model
    • artist
    • 3D artist

    With us you will increase your income because:

    • The more paysites where your content is located, the more profitable for you
      (even in an offline business 2 shops nearby always bring more money)
    • you will not keep all the eggs in one basket
    • different users are on different sites
    • Some have become accustomed to one site, others have not yet got used to any, and others want to buy on an honest model of per-second billing
    • traffic from the partner network
    • Revenue from viewing other people's channels by the users you provided

    That is what you need to increase your income:

    We invite you to cooperation! Link for registration!

    We will help:

    • We have the magazine "Adultium.com. How to monetize adult content" (Adultium – Medium)
      where we answer questions such as: "Making money on your porn video. 6 modern ways of monetization", "How can I sell my porn video to the maximum number of visitors?" etc.
    • we have illustrated documentation for our system https://cmsman.pushtip.com/
    • answer your questions
      on the forums
      [email protected][​IMG]
      on Twitter: @Adultium_P
    • we help in the design of channels and releases to producers seriously committed to cooperation
      You must register and contact us to submit your wishes for registration and your content for filling
    Here is how our unique selling design look like. It has a form of embed, which can be placed anywhere.
    Sale is done right in the embed.
    (in the illustration, a screenshot from the blog page # 1-10 Season One – Nicole Heat)


    1) How often do we pay?

    We pay on the 7th and 22nd of every month.
    You will receive a payment for two weeks (one period) after the current period is over.
    Wires: more than $800 free. Wires less than $800 cost about $ 40 (can vary depending on the beneficiary's bank).
    Payments on Paxum- $ 1; WebMoney-2.5%; Payoneer-Free.

    2) Why per-second tariffing in the currency of the site allows you to earn more money?

    Per-second charging

    This is a low "entry price" for users.
    You will earn more by reducing the price (in fact, the total price may remain the same)
    This is the approach of multibillion-dollar corporations.
    McDonalds, Ford, eventually Apple with their applications for $ 0.99.
    With this approach you will start to earn more for two reasons:
    • more reach of the audience
    • users start spending more because it is inexpensive
    The average price for a user is 1 minute = $ 1 (you as a producer, can assign it at your discretion in the range from $ 0.06 to $ 1.98 to earn as much as possible, because you know your audience best).
    At first it may seem a lot, but in fact it's the usual $ 15 for a 15-minute video.
    If the video was not viewed entirely, then less.
    And at the same time it's a reason for the user to start watching all the videos in a row.

    Site currency

    It is easier for a user to spend virtual money than real, especially when the site currency rate is chosen such that it does not allow to calculate real money easily. It is used both online games and webcam sites.


    Adultium – Medium


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