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Largest Social Media Ad Intelligence Tool

  1. AdSpyMarketing
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    AdSpy.com is the best social media ad intelligence tool in the market today with the largest database of Facebook and Instagram ads in the world!

    Main features:

    - 46+ million ads and still growing
    - Mobile ads
    - 9+ million advertisers tracked daily since 2016
    - 183 countries
    - 82 different languages
    - Search by ad text, URL, landing page URLs, comments, affiliate networks
    - Filter by user age, gender, daily and total likes
    - Set when the ads was created or seen by users
    - Search by technologies used, for example search all ads which use Shopify on its landing pages
    - Affiliate offer scanning in all URLs including landing pages and redirects. Comprehensive system using residential IPs and real browsers to avoid cloakers

    It is the best ad intelligence app out there with the fastest search and the biggest database.

    Just reach out to us and we can provide a free trial for loyal Affiliate Fix users!