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AdShift Media

http://i.imgur.com/QyJwjjs.png The future of CPA Marketing. Hello there, Affiliate Fix...

  1. AdShiftKyle
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    AdShift Media
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    • Net-30
    • Net-15
    • Weekly
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    • Wire
    • Paypal
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    [email protected]

    Hello there, Affiliate Fix users, I'd like to personally introduce myself, I'm Kyle Smith. I'm the Managing Director of AdShift Media. In case you haven't actually heard of our network yet, AdShift Media is an Innovative Affiliate Network that deals with solely incentive traffic. Not only do we offer bi-weekly payments as standard, we provide top notch support to all of our affiliates from the get go. Our network boasts OVER 700 top performing incentive friendly campaigns, this includes pin submits and a large selection of email submits, surveys, and also downloads. Our network is known for the constant updates we're bringing, we're always bringing something to the new table. Come try us today, you'll see why more and more people are choosing AdShift over the competition.

    Why AdShift Media soars above the competition:
    • Incentive marketing guru's
      Not only are we good at our job, we're good at helping you do your job! We understand how tough it can be breaking in to the world of CPA, that's why your account manager will always be there, every step of the way. You'll have all the information you could possibly need to get in touch with your account manager, therefore there's always a way to get in touch!
    • We listen to ALL of our affiliates
      We've always understood the need for affiliates to want more features or have more useful options. That's why at AdShift Media, we're always going the extra mile for our users. From complex to minimal, we're always prioritizing our users opinions. It's what makes us stand out from the other networks.
    • We pay on time, every time*
      Not only do we offer bi-weekly payments to all of our affiliates as standard, we've also never missed a payment! If your account is verified and we miss a payment, we'll reward you with no questions asked.
      *subject to your account being verified.
    • Custom proprietary platform
      We, the AdShift team, understand the need to innovate and create new ideas for our affiliates, we understand that your traffic is yours. Your money is yours, and that's why we have full faith in our custom built, revolutionary platform. In-depth statistics and analytic's means you won't miss a thing. With our platform, you can also check your websites uptime/downtimes with a click of a button.
    • Content Lockers/ Widgets
      We've developed some of the easiest yet most customisable content lockers to date, you can set your content lockers to onLoad and your widgets to onClick. You can also choose how many offers your downloader has to complete before being granted access to their files.
    • Pay Per Download
      We offer the ability to lock files and use AdShift as a Pay Per Download site, our file locker's theme has proved that it's worth using with an EPC/CR of $0.28 and 23%. It's definitely worth taking a look at. Especially since it now offers the ability to rig certain aspects of the file.
    • Link Locker
      Our link locker is extraordinary, and we've definitely gone all the way with this. Why? Well, we've taken a different route from the ordinary and dull link locker you see on other CPA sites, we've made it user friendly and it's proven that it's worked, yet again; something you should definitely take advantage of!
    • In-House Platform
      AdShift Media is all in-house, meaning all tracking/ optimisation can be viewed and edited throughout your publisher area, this gives you an advantage and saves you time. In short, everything can be handled within your personal publisher area.
    • Support
      Our support has always been second to none, but now we're stepping up our game and we're willing to help you all the way. Over the coming weeks, we'll be adding multiple guides into the resources area showing you multiple ways of monetizing your content and getting started. We're just a click/call away…
    • Innovative Network
      We've taken a different route to every other CPA, we're not ordinary at all, we're different… we promise. In the upcoming weeks/months, you'll see some very big changes to the network and you'll see exactly why we can offer more than every competitor available to date.
    • Personal Commitment
      We have a personal commitment to our affiliates to provide a high quality user experience, we shall continue to commit our time to benefit the users and help in any way possible. You're joining a family, not just a network.
    • Payments
      Currently, we offer payments via PayPal, Wire (including International Wire), MoneyBookers (Skrill), and Payza. All payments will be on-time, every time. All publishers who sign up between now and December 1st will receive Bi-Weekly payments by default (you'll be paid every 7th and 21st).

      We encourage you to check us out today, with all the features we have planned, you'll want to see for yourself eventually! We can personally promise we can out-perform any other competitor and even our basic, default optimisation provides better results than most networks.
      Come see for yourself, join AdShift today.

      [​IMG] - Email Us!
      [​IMG] - adshift.kyle
      [​IMG] - AdShift Media, Ltd.

    Let's talk about this Bi-Weekly Payments offer!
    1. Sign up for AdShift Media HERE.
    2. Get approved.
    3. DONE, it's that simple.

    AdShift Media Ltd. is a registered company in England & Wales No. 08561609

Recent Reviews

  1. krogertek
    Adshift never missed a payment and also the payment schedule is verry good. The offers are ok and Kyle and Andre have helped me anytime I've had problems or questions and I've been working with them for a while now! Good luck and keep up the good work! UPDATE: That was my opinion before. Now myself and a friend got scammed for lots of $$$. They don't pay anymore and also don't answer to tickets!
  2. Dario
    Support=0 at Adshift...That is just my experience.Hopefully Kyle will change it in the future.
  3. shasha
    They are pretty new and have good number of offers. I love their Dashboard and they have high number of install, pin submit and email submit offers.
  4. mastermind97
    The network is good specifically french offers are very good. The owner Kyle Smith is a nice person and gives good support. Tracking is also fine. I have been paid by them very time and always on time.
  5. EymardSiojo
    I am paid almost trice with this network.They have good tracking system and offers. Sometimes, its harder to convert but the weekly payments is a plus.They are still new so, a lot of things to fix and get sorted out. When they managed to fix all the issues, they will be a great network.