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cpm, earn paid to views

  1. AdPubMedia
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    • Display
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    • Paypal
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    AdPubMedia is a digital banner advertising network. It provides a comfortable platform to publishers, where they can monetize their traffic. It uses CPM pricing model to pay its publishers and therefore, it pays publishers for impressions rather than for clicks.

    Their system counts each and every impressions delivered to their ads which helps publishers to earn more from their network. AdPubMedia provides highest fill rate which further ensure that none of your inventory remains unsold.

    AdPubMedia has lots of direct advertising partners from all around the world which let them offer highest possible rates to publishers.

    Apart from the high CPM rates, it also offers some great facilities to its publishers like detailed live stats reporting system, low minimum payout, easy website approval and referral program.

    AdPubMedia - Evolving advertising to a Level of Intelligence