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Platform to build your own ad network

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    Admachine is a Demand Side Platform and also a white label DSP with over 50 high-quality SSPs which you can get traffic fro,.

    You can easily make a website, set up your own ad-network and get commission from your clients payments.



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Recent Reviews

  1. HannaM
    quick approval, ok native traffic
  2. Benedict Cucumberpatch
    Benedict Cucumberpatch
    good white label solution. not sure about the traffic, but I don't get many complains from my advertisers, regular stuff.

    hope they make UI a bit more simple though
  3. Maruques
    It's OK. Nothing really special, it is similar to almost any other platfrm. But Rewards for spend are nice, already got the first one
  4. ahmedadnan
    Using AdMachine for quite long time, I have seen both good and bad sides of it. Starting from strong sides, I would mention user friendly interface, big amount of SSPs and lot's of features, which are really of great help to filter out the traffic. If you know how to use auto optimization, you can get only desirable traffic and that's what makes AdMachine so interesting to me. As for the weak sides, support is quite responsive only when you start spending a lot. If you are not, get ready to get response once a week or so. But that's a really small thing in comparison to the next one. If you don't optimize your campaigns (either manually or using automatic optimization), you will get a bunch of junk traffic, which is really bad. From my experience, I had really tough days with the traffic quality in the very beginning, but luckily I found the way to optimize and to finally get desirable results.
  5. CPANick
    I'm an affiliate, tried working with AdMachine for a bit.

    Needed traffic for desktop game installs, so I was advised to try native ads, MGID\Adskeeper\Polymorph\Admixer in particular.

    The result after creatives testing and some optimization was 1456$ spent on ads and 1994$ received from the offer. 137% ROI which is OK, so I'm generally satisfied. There are some details as always but nothing really bad.
  6. Andrew BuyMedia
    Andrew BuyMedia
    We wanted to have access to a high volume of inventory in a top quality but without managing so many publishers. I would really like to point out that AdMachine provides as much traffic as you need. Technical and customer support was always very prompt and efficient.