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Premiere RTB Adult ad network for both web and mobile, working on CPC and CPM basis.

  1. Sonja ADAMOAds
    Platform Name:
    ADAMO Advertising
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    Traffic Types:
    • Display
    • Mobile
    • Adult
    Minimum Deposit:
    100 euros
    Payment Types:
    • Wire
    • Paypal
    • Other
    [email protected]
    ADAMO Advertising is an international online advertising company where the major focus is to help advertisers deliver their message across our constantly growing publisher network, while helping our publishers maximize their revenue to the fullest.

    We are constantly trying to be in the loop of our advertisers needs in every aspect and in order to provide them the ability to deliver their messages to very selected audience, we are offering following targeting options:
    - Geo targeting
    - Niche targeting
    - OS
    - Device
    - Carrier
    - IP targeting
    - Browser
    - Time and time zone targeting
    - Language
    - Frequency Capping

    Our advertisers also enjoy the benefits of our First Impression purchasing method, where all media buyers are able to access advertising opportunities on a Bid for the first impression, Bid Per Ad Zone, Bid Per Site, Bid Per Ad Method, or Bid Per Geo Target basis, and to see the highest current bid per target to ensure first position view availability.

    Our technology allows advertisers to buy audiences through RTB, real-time bidding. This ability to bid in real-time is one of the most revolutionary aspects of ADAMO, the platforms utilize optimization algorithms to establish the value of an incoming impression and place a bid accordingly. ADAMO is offering RTS, real-time statistics on your traffic and earnings immediately