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the platform for optimizing the Facebook, Google and Bing ad campaigns.

  1. ActionAds
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    ActionAds is the platform for optimizing the Facebook, Google and Bing ad campaigns. Its functionality repeats the above-listed traffic sources and complements them with its unique features. Moreover, the system is integrated with such tracking platforms as Adjust, AppsFlyer, AdsBridge, Kochava, and Tune, which allows you to create and manage all ad campaigns within one platform.


    If to compare the platform with Facebook, you can notice a lot of interesting features that greatly simplify the work, especially for large affiliates and marketing agencies who work with loads of offers.

    Let’s start with a Dashboard. Facebook provides only the list of campaigns on the account whereas ActionAds collects data on active projects (applications, offers) not only by your ad accounts but also across different business managers, providing a table, in which you can adjust the period and needed metrics. Additionally, there are graphs with statistics broken down by GEO, gender, age and device. The Dashboard is very convenient. You can open every project, view statistics on every active or paused campaign, ad, adset, and even review the settings and used banners.


    The Statistics on a platform is multifunctional. Facebook lets you form reports only for a specific campaign or for the whole account in total (and if you have two or more apps, you must count it manually) whereas data on ActionAds is broken down by campaigns or projects, and separately by account, advertiser, traffic type, and you can adjust this data using all kinds of metrics, including the ones you create yourself.


    In addition to the detailed statistics there are:

    Creative statistics – the analysis of the best banners for any period of time across all accounts, business managers, offers, advertisers, etc.


    Time statistics – the time analytics that shows when the traffic ran better, and when the most conversions were made.


    Thus, if to use such a detailed analysis, it is possible to see the entire picture of all your traffic and choose the option that brings real results.

    Moving on to Auto management. Unfortunately, Facebook offers a very limited set of metrics for rules’ creation, which is why managers have to manually monitor campaigns most of the time. Conversely, ActionAds provides a much greater choice, allowing you to combine these metrics between each other and add the ones that are related to the tracking platforms.


    For instance, you can create a rule so that the bid will increase on adset (or even ad) until the number of impressions does not reach the selected value.

    Or, let’s say, to pause the ads with the ROI below the desired value.

    And even to increase the budget on the adset by 30% every 4 hours if the traffic actively goes and the price is within the limit. Or, in order to activate a certain campaign at the specific time of the day.

    Well, the options are vast. It all depends on your imagination, type of offers and their activity.


    There are plenty of features. Cutting it simple:
    • Convenient campaign set-up system


    • “Smart” notifications about paused campaigns, price increase, etc. on your Viber, Telegram or email.

    • Global split-system

    • Libraries of promo and video materials

    • Balances on all advertising accounts in real time, etc.


    There are User and Video Guides added for user's convenience and fast navigation around the platform. There you’ll find a detailed description on how to set up everything, create rules, build reports and much more. In addition, you can write questions directly to the support email or messenger. The answer usually comes within 24 hours.


    A free 14-day trial is available for all registered users. Over this period, you get an unlimited access to all ActionAds features. After that, you will need to subscribe to one of the pricing plans, depending on the monthly amount of advertising costs. The price ranges from $75 to $450.


    Except for Facebook, the ActionAds platform also actively works with different search engines like Google and Bing, improving the system and supplementing it with unique features, such as neuro management, QS-tracker, position targeting, and so on. The system is already available for users.

    To close the loop, there is one important point that the Facebook affiliates and media buying agencies will appreciate. It is easy to work with the platform, the functionality is extensive and comprehensive, the data is refreshed once in 20 minutes, and you can monitor everything within one system, in one window.