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A Local Attorney

The No. 1 Attorney Referral Directory

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    A Local Attorney Affiliate Program
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    A Local Attorney is the No. 1 GPS based attorney referral directory in the world!

    Attorneys spend heavily on marketing in order to attract clients. In fact, attorney leads and lead generation ads are some of the most expensive keywords you can bid on in Google. With so many attorneys chasing a limited number of clients, attorneys are always looking for ways to get out in front of their competition.

    A Local Attorney is a completely free service that anyone can use. A user can use our website or download for free our iOS or Android app. With only one click, a user can find all the attorneys within their immediate vicinity.

    Normally when people are in an accident or in legal trouble, they don't know where to go or how to find an attorney. By using our service, they not only get complete contact information, but also a professional bio and ratings from previous clients.

    In addition to our apps, users find us via organic search. We are in the top 5 on Google, Bing, and yahoo for search terms such as "local attorney", "local lawyer", "find local attorney", "hire local attorney" , and many others.

    What this means is that any attorney in any location can get exposure in the top 5 spots on the first page of all major search engines for the small price of our annual membership ($99).

    For you the affiliate, this simply means that you can earn a $40 commission on a highly valued added product that will sell itself if presented to the proper market.

    Anyone who can get our service in front of private practice attorneys will find our product easy to sell. We pay a flat $40 per membership sold and we will support you in anyway needed.

    You can find more information here.


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