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    It's a simple equation: Quality Traffic + Low Bid Prices = A Better ROI ! Put the Pieces Together and Maximize Your Online Promotional Investment with 7Search.com. 7Search is a leading pay-per-click search engine advertising network and has earned a respected status in the Web business community by focusing on the quality, and not just the quantity, of its search results.7Search offers companies an economical and measurable opportunity to obtain new business leads and sales from the highest quality Internet traffic in the industry across all business verticals. Partnerships with hundreds of niche web properties, search engines and portals in English speaking countries enable advertisers to connect their campaigns instantly to millions of targeted users with a better ROI than any other PPC network.If you are looking to expand your Internet reach and acquire more prospects, more leads, and more sales from your online advertising campaign, here are some reasons to select 7Search Advertising today to help solve your Internet promotion puzzle and why we have been the choice of smart and savvy Web marketers and advertisers since 1999.Campaigns start at just $50, and Affiliate Fix customers are eligible for an even better deal. Create a new account today and deposit $100, and you will receive a $50 (non-refundable) bonus courtesy of 7Search!

Recent Reviews

  1. Urgency
    Been learning PPC with the voucher code from affiliatefix.Very newbie friendly, only downside is lack of volume
  2. iamthecoolnerd
    7Search was an irreplaceable tool when I first started doing PPC. I definitely recommend newbies use 7Search of you want to learn PPC.
  3. Andy Haskins
    Andy Haskins
    Brilliant platform for getting to know PPC without being kicked around as much as other traffic sources, highly recommended especially for beginners!
  4. SayMyName
    Best place to learn PPC...I took advantage of the coupon on here and learned PPC. It's so easy to get started and great support - Am I to late for the competition?
  5. T J Tutor
    T J Tutor
    There are few places for marketers to hone their respective skills with PPC at this price. Anyone starting out has to get into this platform and learn it in and out. It makes you work for results, which, in my opinion, is one of the great aspects here. It forces you to learn! This is a very low cost platform with regards to cost per click and this allows you to make errors and recover with profits while honing the needed skills to participate in more costly platforms.
  6. Snoop
    Perfect for learning about PPC, got my $50 free from this site also thank you.
  7. chiruraaj
    Good place to get your feet wet in PPC and learn affiliate marketing in general. I started cpa with 7search. Though i couldn't get my campaigns profitable, i got to learn a lot. I now know if I had stuck with it, I would have got profitable campaigns. The clicks are very cheap here and i plan to advertise with 7sesrch in future. :D
  8. EymardSiojo
    Great for learning the ropes of PPC! Cheap clicks and beginner friendly. They also have a great support that will contact you asap when you needed some help. and also, they are kind enough to give Affiliatefix members a free $50 for testing!
  9. Effect
    Cheap clicks and very easy to set up. Also want to give shout out to support with live chat which is a great help.
  10. K
    Hands down the best PPC platform for beginners.

    You can get some stupidly cheap clicks and learn the art of PPC marketing without being burnt overnight.

    Great support and nice promotion.

    Get $50 free with our 7Search coupon.