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56 Ways to get free traffic to Affiliate Products

56 Ways to get free traffic to Affiliate Products

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56 Ways to get free traffic to Affiliate Products
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Am a content marketer with 10 plus years experience.

This guide was made after 6 months of research studying 100 plus case studies and 70 plus affiliate marketers and course creators.

What's in?
1) Reddit Method - That works

2) Sources where popular creators earned 1000's of dollars by just placing links(Own Product).Will show you Direct link to the sales page and link on source and how they made it

3) Instagram New Method - Most of them are focused on influencer's. A method to get most of out micro influencer's without spending a dollar.

4) Quora Hack - A simple strategy to know which questions get more impressions and traffic.

5) How to make money from free Ebooks

6) YouTube - Simple Method

7) Twitter Bio Method

8) Twitter Comment Game

9) Twitter Automation

10) DM Game - How to make sales with direct message on popular social media websites

11) How to find more sources using the above list

12) How to find competitors and hack their traffic sources and much more

All these methods are free and you dont need to spend to get traffic

Affiliate Marketing to Course Creation - Explaining how easy it is to create course and how people are already earning simple course creation strategies.

Bonus: One Tweet – One Hour - $3k in revenue – 970 Sales
How is it done - Direct link to the tweet , plus case study and how to use this method with less than 10 followers and how to use this outside of twitter to make 100's of dollars day.

Emotional Selling: Gone are the days where people say i made million dollars in 6 months 100k in 2 months to make u buy the product . Get the new trend on how emotional selling works. (With Example)
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