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Be better,

Hi :) I'm the founder of – the AI Creative & Writing Partner.

I’ve spent many, many years working as a copywriter and a marketer. Now I’m helping copywriters, marketers, affiliate marketers, and entrepreneurs to be more productive. To be better, is not designed to take over and churn out stuff. It’s really about partnership: best of human + best of AI, to make your words and your marketing more effective.

– Generate ideas on what to write about in social media posts.

– Use the Green Hat to brainstorm marketing or business growth problems.

– Have the AI rewrite your words in a more conversational style.

– Get help writing blog posts.

– Write creative ad copy.

– Explore many, many other writing tools.

– Join as an affiliate if you like.

Ask me any questions. I’ll be happy to help.
September 11
Dublin, Ireland
Founder at

Signature – AI Partner – Write in Your Brand Voice. AI Partner. Pick a Brand Voice or get a Custom AI built, write social posts, blogs, ads, and more. Subscribe with the coupon AFFILIATEFIX20PERCENT or AFFILIATE SIGN UP in the footer of


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