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Ronald Meador

Proprietary Biophysics Technology - Hot Selling Wellness Products

I am Ronald Meador and my background is in Organic Chemistry and Quantum Biology. Right! So what am I doing here? Well no life stories today. I am going to get right into what can be in it for you.

I am the president of Radiant Skin Sciences. Some years back we discovered and developed a biophysical delivery system that is going to revolutionize the wellness product industry.

So the subject line I used may seem a little bold, but it is basically true and when you get into the details on this business opportunity it is even better than that!

We are here as a new vendor that wants to become a big part of your revenue stream.

To start with you get a 33% commission on unique wellness offerings that are destined to generate strong buzz as they are about to become leaders in already well established categories, including our exclusive capability for overnight boosting of your innate immune system.

All of these are drug free topically applied products that are built on our proprietary biophysical technology and as your customers will attest, are superior in performance to some big name brands.

The R&D process has been very productive and covers a range of important consumer needs such as disease resistance, a pleasant yet effective means of appetite control, remarkable male and female hormone balancing, skin tissue regeneration and more. Although each of these is quite valuable for the consumer, our innovation allows us to sell them for very affordable price points.

This is a great sales opportunity for you that will NOT end up on Amazon.

More signup details on this opportunity on bottom of our site and we are looking for affiliates that want a prosperous and long-term sales relationship.

Want to come along for the ride?

We would like to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.
Apr 29, 1981 (Age: 41)
CEO and Product Developer


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