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    Official TopOffers [Deleted]

    Hello Marina, We sent you an email about our Dating Offer. We own the offer. The email was from Nataliia with the subject line: Hi Marina, AffiliateFix & Our Dating Offer! We sent it to your email address that's in your signature. Thanks!
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    Official Rich Mentors

    redsand submitted a new resource: Rich Mentors - Dating Affiliate Program for Successful Men & Beautiful Women! Read more about this resource...
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    Rich Mentors - Rich Mentors is quickly becoming a very popular dating app for Successful Men & Beautiful Women! We have currently 15:1 girls to guys on our website, and men absolutely love the ratio! Our website is for genuine connections, love and guidance and is NOT a sugar daddy website! However...
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    Thank you! It is much appreciated!
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    Hi there! I've been working with affiliates for 14 years, since the early days! I'm excited to be here. We have some amazing private offers that we are looking for affiliates for. Will post them in the appropriate sections when ready, thank you!!