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    How to build an affiliate scheme....

    You can do it in several ways. 1. PPL - Pay Per Lead 2. PPS - Pay Per Sale 3. Rev Share I work extensively with affiliate programs worldwide and they use these primary methods. You could offer affiliates the option to do all of the above, therefore leaving the decision of how they'd like to...
  2. Offerit-John

    Top 18 Tracking Software for Affiliates

    May I ask how this "Top 18" list came to conclusion? I see various types of products here which really doesn't give a consumer or business the proper information when looking for a solution. Some here are agencies, some are simple scripts, and some are more advanced platforms that allow you to...
  3. Offerit-John

    Coupon site affiliate commission sharing

    If you can use a tracking link Femi, then that's exactly what Offerit can do for you. You would create an "offer" in your Offerit platform, provide the pixel or S2S information to the "shopping cart" and you and/or your affiliates/publishers would then use the link and track all such sales...
  4. Offerit-John

    Coupon site affiliate commission sharing

    Well if you provide exclusive offers, your retail partner should allow you to place a pixel on their confirmation page or do s2s postbacks so you can record this information into your program. Take a look at Offerit, Performance Marketing Software to manage all of you affiliate and tracking...
  5. Offerit-John

    Alternative to HasOffers and CAKE

    Offerit - Performance Marketing Software
  6. Offerit-John

    Who runs their own Offer Network?

    Hi Jordan. If you would like to reach out to me, I can provide you with a few services we work with. One example would be Payoneer. Let me know if I can help in this area.
  7. Offerit-John

    Who runs their own Offer Network?

    What is your little niche? If it's private, you can send me a PM and we can chat. As far as payments, there are many options to handle the payments, Paypal being one, but why limit the options for the affiliates? Just a thought. Perhaps adding additional options could increase the business more...
  8. Offerit-John

    Adult Affiliate Platform to List Own Product?

    Hey Johan, RevolutionForce most certainly did not go bust as I know the Founder well. Any number of issues may have happened. Shoot me your contact info and I will be glad to provide you with alternatives in that space. I have plenty of contacts in the industry.
  9. Offerit-John

    Hi All, Director Here from Offerit, the Performance Marketing Software

    I see we have an introduction forum so I thought I would take a moment and introduce myself and the company (if you haven't heard of us already). My name is John and I am the Director over here at Offerit. What is Offerit you ask? Offerit is one of the leading SaaS platforms for performance...
  10. Offerit-John

    Looking for a own Affiliate Network

    Hello Patrick, what are you exactly looking for? Your thread doesn't really provide much information. Please hit me up and I cn discuss our platform Offerit that you can literally have up and running in a very short period of time. Let's chat!
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    How to Create or Edit an Offer using Offerit

    Adding an offer and a default landing page for that offer is a one-step process in Offerit. To set up a basic offer in Offerit, go to the Offers Admin and click the “Add Offer” tab. You will see many fields available, both required and optional. The required fields are as follows: ● Offer...
  12. Offerit-John

    Who runs their own Offer Network?

    You need quality offers to get quality publishers. Having re-brokered offers and low paying or converting offers is not going to earn you their traffic. This is just one reason. There are many. Ultimately you need to be able to present an opportunity for publishers.
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    Start or upgrade your own network. 30 days Free Trial. Ask me how

    Start or upgrade your own network. 30 days Free Trial. Ask me how
  14. Offerit-John

    Ask Me Anything Affiliate Turned CEO $20M+ Generated

    So from what I am reading, I guess every successful network was started by people with money upwards of $100k. and a dev team to create their own platform??? Please, allow me to retort... 1. So no good network ever started by rebrokering? Personally, since I have a product specific to this...
  15. Offerit-John

    Official Revolution Force [Deleted]

    Great team over at Revolution Force. Check them out if you haven't