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    Using dollars or pounds??

    Ok so Ive done my research on how to start . What approaches to take. How to choose my niche etc etc. there was one question still unanswered and that was...: when I choose my affiliate network do I set it up for dollars or pounds. I'm from the UK. I've listened to many podcasts tutorials etc...
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    is market samuri worth it?

    Nice advice. Thanks! Will take a look at some other SEO tools.
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    is market samuri worth it?

    hi been looking at webinars of market samuri and was wondering is it worth the one of payment for keyword research. it seems to make the process of keyword research ridiculously easy! if so are there any cheaper alternatives. thanks M ;)
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    100 percent interested in IM. Help a noob out!!! ;)

    thanks... the words 'serious' and 'money' are very appealing to me! ha. ive probably watch thelazyassstoners videos a fair few times so i know a few bits! just need to find a decent niche to have a go at producing some decent backlinks for it! finding a niche has been proven hard for me tho...
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    100 percent interested in IM. Help a noob out!!! ;)

    yooo! So basically finished university, got my self a degree in visual media! worked abroad for 3 years in cyprus! it didnt work out may i add.... now back in the UK working a 6:30 - 5 construction job ( which i hate!!!) but have to go where the money is.... and nowwww im keen to learn the...