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    Draft Scheduling script for WP skips days when scheduling

    Hey guys, I'm using Drafts Scheduler to schedule all my posts which are saved as drafts and having a problem. The plugin skips every 10th, 20th and 30th day of each month when scheduling. Basically, it skips each date which ends with zero. Unfortunately plugin author is not active on WP...
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    Fan Pages – how's THAT done?

    I tried several times, but it wasn't too beneficial for me. Plus, most of the pages just ditched me. They ask you to share first but then just don't share back.
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    Fan Pages – how's THAT done?

    I haven't seen that video, but I know what you're talking about. My page is growing slowly, no complaints about that. It's just really interesting to see 4-8 weeks old accounts growing to hundreds of thousands followers in such short time.
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    Fan Pages – how's THAT done?

    Yes, I watched all of Jay's videos. He explains a lot, but not everything of course :)
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    Fan Pages – how's THAT done?

    Sorry guys, I'll just push this thread up again. Because shortly after I posted it there was some crazy commenting wave of all the posts below. Hope somebody will see and answer my initial question. Cheers!
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    Fan Pages – how's THAT done?

    Hi everybody! So recently I started a fan page on Facebook and trying to get people to like it. Most helpful thing for me right now is to buy likes on Facebook. At first I was paying approx $0.32 per like, which is VERY expensive :) Right now it's around $0.03 for me, which is much better but...
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    Hi all. I'm M, I live in Europe. Just posting here to remove annoying red banner at the top. Thanks to Jay Wessman for his great videos. I stumbled upon them about a month ago. And thanks to everybody who's sharing their knowledge with newbies like me. Cheers!