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    Official Mobidea [Deleted]

    This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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    Official Mobidea Academy [Deleted]

    This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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    Which is the Best Tracking software?

    Check our latest post about the best trackers you can choose from.
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    Official Mobidea Spy Tools (Push and Native)

    Get instant access to the most profitable push and native campaigns running right now Mobidea Push and Native Spy tools give you the ability to get instant access to millions of push and native campaigns that are crushing it online. You’ll discover which creatives are getting the clicks, and...
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    Mobidea Push: All-in-One Push Platform

    Hey, We don't support IP targetting at the moment. However, we do offer Carrier targetting and we filter out bot IPs, to make sure that you don’t bid for them. Don't hesitate in sending us a message if you have any additional questions.
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    Mobidea Push: All-in-One Push Platform

    Power-up your revenue with Push Notifications Mobidea Push is a DSP where media buyers can connect to 20+ push traffic providers from a single dashboard and promote any offer they want. Platform features 1B+ users daily 20+ top push traffic suppliers (more to come!) User targeting by carrier...
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    $50 daily with push

    Happy to see you sharing your experience @mmosharov! I’m sure you’ll reach that goal. Good luck! :cool:
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    Mobidea not answering!

    Hey guys! We're very sorry for any email that we didn't reply so far. Regarding December requests, we believe that everything is more than solved. For those who recently experienced this issue, please send us a DM here so we can check if that's something wrong with our CRM. Thank you for...
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    Official Binom Tracker -- Secret weapon of top affiliates!

    Hey folks, We've recently created a guide to help you get started with Binom and understand if this is the right tracker to you. Please, check it: Binom Review: User's Guide for 2019 Cheers!
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    Pop Journey 2018

    @initial-9 Hey! Seems like you have your first conversions, congrats! Now you can try to play with those offers. Gain more statistics to see what can you optimize better!
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    Event [Webinar] - Increase Your Affiliate Revenue with Landing Pages

    @Paid Affs , @tyoussef ! Thanks guys, we will be waiting for your feedback after!
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    Why backlink is very important for SEO?

    @Bass kitchen Sink I would just recommend not to buy backlinks, because it doesn't really align with Google rules.
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    What is a Good budget

    Hello @Anthony Little ! It really depends on the niche and vertical are you planning to work with. For example native will require much more investments then mobile content. However, if you are planning to start with something simple, I would also say in a range $500-1000.
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    Any good CPA network without approval ?

    Hello @Rauwig ! Have you already checked Mobidea? It's one of the most friendly networks for the newbies. Moreover, we have a huge Mobidea Academy, where you can gain some really valuable knowledge absolutely for free. We will be glad to see you in our gang!
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    Just to add to what has been mentioned above. It depends on the stage of the campaign and the volume! For the countries with big volumes, you need to run longer to understand when to blacklist.