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    Case Study Media Buy: How to be profitable with a $250 budget on any product.

    In this case study, we will give you our 10-point performance checklist and explain how to launch a profitable Media Buy campaign with only $250 budget, an Affiliate marketing offer, Adcash as traffic source and Voluum as optimization software. But you may be asking yourself; Why a case study...
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    It's D-DAY! Ready for the Webinar lemonads: "Copy or Create? What's the best use for an ad spy tool?

    Hi guys! It's D-Day! Tonight at 7PM (Central European Time) will take place the Webinar dedicated to optimize your performance and stand out thanks to the use of a spy tool. Our Rockstar Aurelien Savart, Head of Acquisition at @lemonads, will be accompanied by Alex Om, CMO at @AdPlexity. Both...
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    WEBINAR lemonads X AdPlexity - Copy or Create? What is the best use for an Ad Spy Tool?

    Hi guys, Competition is such today that the use of an ad spy has become essential. Nevertheless, even if you copy the most successful campaign, you probably won't achieve great results. A Spy Tool is much more powerful when you don't opt for mass copying and use all your creativity. If you...
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    lemonads - Golden opportunity for St Patrick’s Week

    With lemonads, St Patrick’s Day never lasts a single day To celebrate the feast of our Irish friends, lemonads offers magic payout for traffic from Ireland ! From Monday 16th until Sunday 22nd March, take advantage of exceptional payout BUMPs on our best performing offers for IE. Increase...
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    Announcement lemonads introduces Weekly Payments

    You asked, we did it ! After a study carried out with our affiliates on their needs and expectations towards us and towards the affiliate marketing industry, one of the biggest concerns was the opportunity of improving our payment terms and in particular the duration. We have taken note of the...
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    Cannot get conversions on my offers.

    Hi Andy, Thank you so much for your interest in lemonads. Here, we are determined to support you in expanding your business. Please, feel free to contact your account manager into lemonads. She or he is an expert in affiliate marketing, and can really help you make more money. I will pay...
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    Spicyoffers becomes lemonads

    Hi @Graybeard, Fortunately, we are "lemonads" and not "lemon";). By lemonads, we wanted to imagine our future under dynamic and energetic image. Today, we are proud to present a modern, fresh, and unique identity that embodies the personality of the team and the will of everyone to take up all...
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    Spicyoffers becomes lemonads

    Welcome to the Future of Affiliate Marketing! At the end of 2019, the company has formally presented lemonads to the team and partners. By changing its name, the ex-Spicyoffers CPA Network want to take on a new dimension and become the affiliate marketing leader. Indeed, with over 10 years’...
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    Welcome to the Future Standard of Affiliate Marketing

    Welcome to the Future Standard of Affiliate Marketing
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    Just Joined AffiliateFix

    Hello Welcome to AffiliateFix
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    Official lemonads [Deleted]

    It's in less than a month! The majority of the Affiliate Marketing industry players is meeting at Affiliate World Europe. Will you be there? A part of our team is located in Barcelona and is more than ready to welcome you. The others are already in the starting blocks! We...
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    How to promote push up offers??

    Hey @joeko If you’re referring to Mobile Content offers, I would not recommend to test it with Push Traffic. On our side, top verticals for this traffic type are Sweeps and Dating. Regarding your other question, about using a Prelander or not, it actually depends on the offers and if it...
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    rotating link offer

    No worries, that's why there are such forums like AffiliateFix, to understand how to improve in Affiliate Marketing. I hope you will see positive results. All the best!
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    rotating link offer

    Hey @schleprock, Let me add a few more details here by taking some of your points one by one. Fist, I would start by saying that using a SmartLink shouldn’t be your first option. It’s even a bigger waste of your traffic when you can target users (by country, geo, device, categories, etc)...
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    Official lemonads [Deleted]

    Hi Guys, New "mobile content" offers on Spicyoffers. Enjoy :)