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    [GET] Free: ACT / SAT / TCAP Study Guides For Boys

    Watch their test scores improve with these free video study guides. "Ward, have you sen Bobby?" "He's up in his room studying again honey. Like he's been every night." "I'm so proud of him. Let's go peek in on him and give him a slice of pie" "Okay dear. Wait for me." "....... Oh My...
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    Offer Wanted CPA Networks with lots of mobile offers (non adult)

    Looking for CPA Networks with lots of mobile offers (non adult) Like the title says. Spam me with networks that have lots of mobile optimized email submits, surveys, etc... Doing well with Peerfly right now but looking for others. Thanks.
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    Anyone Interested in an Adult Link Exchange?

    Anyone want to exchange links with me on It's a typo domain which is set up with a simple landing XXX page. It has an 'Embed Cam & Chat Room' live cam feed from Chaturbate and some ads from CrakRevenue. It's getting about 25k - 30k uniques a month consistently. I already have a...
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    My $500 a month method (for life) using free cams

    We are on AffiliateFix right? If you need to solely rely on purchasing traffic for your sites then you still have a lot of learning to do. One of the things I said in my post was, "THINGS YOU WILL NEED TO MAKE THIS METHOD WORK ARE; 1) A WAY TO SEND SOME GUYS (TRAFFIC) TO THE SITE. IF YOU DON'T...
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    Litecoin mining. Any thoughts?

    Looks like about $1500 per setup.
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    Litecoin mining. Any thoughts?

    Yeah, yeah I know. Another thread about cryptocurrencies. Just move on if you're not interested ;) Back on track. I've been thinking it might be interesting to build a few of these miners just for the hell of it. Guide: Build your own Litecoin Mining Rig - CryptoBadger I'd just plug them...
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    Anyone Do Tube Site/Gallery Submissions?

    The Xhamster method will work but it's does take time. It's best to find an actual chat girl from Chaturbate and use screen recorded pictures of her for your Xhamster profile. That way when they contact you you can say something like "I won't be on this site for much longer because I have found...
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    My $500 a month method (for life) using free cams

    Dang I've missed alot of replies to my thread here it seems. One thing I do want to make clear is that you should always check with your affiliate manager about the kind of traffic you are planning on sending their way. Some programs do not allow any type of blackhat stuff and some are willing...
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    I love it when this happens!

    I got a random check in the mail today for $252.85. I had absolutely no idea where it came from so I started looking back at all the affiliate programs I had sent some test traffic to this year. After about 30 of them I found it. I had sent about 5000 unique visitors to a cam site months ago and...
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    I'm well known on lots of the "blackhat" forums. Not always well liked unfortunately, Lol. But yeah I could bore you with a big list of them but the two I frequent most are BHW and MMD. Well the one I frequent the most is a local fishing board for my area. But I leave my internet marketing...
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    My $500 a month method (for life) using free cams

    I've never heard of those but if they work, I would assume so.
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    My $500 a month method (for life) using free cams

    You do not need a landing page, you can promote their links directly if you want to. I simply used one of their banners for the top of my page, which I linked to them. Then I went to "Promo Tools" at the top of the page and selected the option to "Embed Cam & Chat Room". I don't use the 10...
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    My $500 a month method (for life) using free cams

    I paid to have an automated chat bot made for me. However there are lots of ways to drive traffic to a site or affiliate link. You could even set up a simple landing page like this and start using SEO to get it ranked. (be aware the landing page I am listing here is XXX rated and just being used...
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    My $500 a month method (for life) using free cams

    Yep, I think it uses cookies to track referrals.